Daily DEC FOR FREE to help you cover your cheap rents and get out of Bronze! (for new players)




I first heard of this website on YouTube from @bulldog1205.
My role today is simply to pass on the information.

One of Splinterlabs’ main features is its faucet.


Every 10 minutes, the faucet drops 1% of what it contains (DEC, SPS, and Vouchers). It only stops giving away one of those when the remaining balance for a given token is below 10.

All you have to do is entering a captcha to get a drink from the faucet. The tokens are then split between the players who drank at the same time. Depending on how many people are drinking, you’ll get a bigger or smaller share of the total.

@chansetheguy seems to be at the head of this project. Make sure to give him some love while passing by its website! The system relies entirely on his generosity and on other members’ unselfish donations.


How to transfer the tokens back into the game

Step 1: Tap on your In-Name-Game (IGN) and select "Withdraw Funds".
Step 2: Type in the amount you would like to withdraw.
Step 3: Confirm by tapping on the corresponding token's name.


Cover your cheap rentals and get out of Bronze

When I started the game, I only had a few credits and no DEC. Those small amounts of tokens might at first seem insignificant. Nevertheless, they can actually help you rent a few of the cheapest cards on the market, which only cost 0.1 DEC per day.

The cards I still rent for 0.1 DEC to this day.
I am currently playing in Silver I.

Name of the cardReason why I rent it
Silvershield Sheriff3 range attacks
Sand Worm5 melee sneak attacks
Gelatinous Cube"Scavenger" ability
Sea Monster"Heal" ability
Goblin Mech"Piercing" ability
Wood Nymph"Tank heal" ability
Goblin SorcererMagic sneak attack

A few more for the same rental cost that I ended up buying.
They were the only ones I could afford.

Name of the cardReason why I would rent it
Nectar QueenTank with "Flying"
Ant Miners"Scavenger" ability for 2 mana
Demented SharkInspire ability

There are plenty of players who have shared their insight about cheap cards to rent. Gathering intel is great, trying those cards by yourself will be even better. By renting and playing with them, you’ll find out which ones can fit into your own playing style.

See you in Silver leagues!


PS: Ongoing little giveaway, 6 days left.


Awesome post on the faucet! I'm glad it's been helpful for you. :)