Gargoya Scrapper - Share Your Battle! [SPLINTERLANDS]




Waiting for the Right Setup

It has been a few days since I've tried to stumble upon the right setup to let the Gargoya Scrapper shine. In the following battle, I even voluntarily gave up on 1 Mana to make it happen.

The Equalizer Ruleset

Gargoya Scrapper - Rulesets.png

The Equalizer ruleset often allows me to build a lineup that will benefit from the opposition's higher HP.

To do so, I generally focus my attention on characters:

  • with great abilities (ex: Magic Reflect, Void, Amplify, Tank Heal, Double Strike, Blast...)
  • and low health.

Those are cards that, generally speaking, haven't seen much of their Mana Cost allocated to their HP but instead, towards other factors that could potentially be highly beneficial in an Equalizer setup.

My Lineup

Pelacor Conjurer

Original HP: 5


Pelacor Conjurer was in the front to reflect potential Magic attacks but also, dodge a few possible Melee or Ranged hits thanks to the combination of its Speed & Flying.

Gargoya Scrapper

Original HP: 1


Being able to rely on a monster with Void for only one Mana Cost is tremendously advantageous. In the following battle, Gargoya Scrapper almost became the equal of Djinn Oshannus by acting as an off-tank hard to get through.

Dax Paragon

Original HP: 2


Similarly to Gargoya Scrapper, Dax Paragon offers another great ability for only two Mana Cost, Amplify, which synergize well with Pelacor Conjurer's Magic Reflect.

Venari Crystalsmith

Original HP: 5


I always try to throw a Tank Healer in those Equalizer battles because the more HP I can gain from this ruleset, the more I can potentially heal my tank back up, which buys time for the entire team.

Pelacor Arbalest

Original HP: 3


Pelacor Arbalest is almost a perfect fit for the Equalizer ruleset. His 6 Mana Cost has been mainly funnelled into the powerful ability Double Strike neglecting his other stats like HP as a consequence.


Original HP: 4


Prismologist, like Pelacor Arbalest, comes with another awesome ability, Blast, on top of synergizing well with General Sloan as well. Both of them can inflict serious damage from the backline.


The Battle

Gargoya Scrapper - Battle.jpg

Rulesets: Holy Protection + Equalizer
Mana Cap: 28
League: Gold II
Splinters Available: Fire, Water, Life, Death, Dragon

The Positioning

The positioning of my different cards turned out to be a great counter to my opponent's team overall.

Dax Paragon

To begin with, my first non-Melee unit besides the tank, was Dax Paragon. So, the opposite Sniping Narwhal not only kept on targeting Dax but also, successfully stunned him several times.

Fortunately enough, the Amplify ability still seemed to work. This ability was the main reason for his presence, which made the Stun less valuable than if it was on one of my other non-Melee units.


The one Armor that she has natively allowed her to survive the multiple Sneak attacks from the Pelacor Bandit leaving her with only one single HP at the end of the matchup.

Gargoya Scrapper

Thanks to the Holy Protection ruleset, its native ability Void, and the Tank Heal provided by Venari Crystalsmith, Gargoya Scrapper still had its HP full when the opposite tank, Diemonshark, finally got wiped out.

By Round 7, Djinn Oshannus was the only one targeting Gargoya Scrapper as the Sniping Narwhal was already occupied stunning its new target Venari Cristalsmith while the Pelacor Bandit was too busy hitting again and again Prismologist.

It did survive until the end, which allowed Pelacor Arbalest and Prismologist to safely fire from the backline and close the match.


On Mobile:

On Desktop:

I hope you've enjoyed this battle that put Gorgoya Scrapper's Void ability into good use. See you all in the next challenge!



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