Having fun with Recharge monsters! - Share Your Battle [Splinterlands]



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Struggling between Wild and Modern

In the current season, I hit a wall in Wild once I reached Gold II after the usual grind of the first few days. Contrary to the past seasons, I didn't manage to get to Gold I this time around without consuming too much of my ECR. It seems that, for some reason, the competition has significantly increased.

So, to keep winning some R-shares, I turned back to the Modern Format even though I didn't quite find success in the very first season of the formats' split. Being only in Silver I in Modern, the R-shares collected, while less numerous, still allowed me to unlock a few Gold daily chests at least.

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Focus Flying

This battle occurred during a Flying Focus.

Approaching the end of the season, the competition in Silver is far less intense and it is quite easy to simply overpower the opposition. Therefore, this also represented a good opportunity to test out a few cards I usually would not use, or try a few things I would otherwise not attempt.

In this setup, Earthquake and Spreading Fury, I went with two Recharge monsters. A single one can sometimes already be a real liability but two of them in the same lineup looked like shooting myself in the foot. That being said, two Recharge monsters had the Flying ability, which was my focus of the day.

Moreover, both Uriel The Purifier and Zyvax Vuul were at Level 2, which provided additional abilities that made them more resilient and usable: Heal for the first and Close Range for the second. In the end, even though they could only attack every other turn, they managed to wipe 4 out of the 6 monsters on the opposite team.

Uriel The Purifier
Zyvax Vuul

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The battle

Uriel and Zyvax both fired only twice in this match, but successfully eliminated a monster with each of their attacks thanks to massive hits reaching respectively 15 and 6 damage!



I hope you've enjoyed this battle as I did.
See you all very soon!



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