Here is how many CP a player with MINIMAL investment can REALISTICALLY expect to get PER SEASON. [Splinterlands]



Collection Power (CP)


For most players, Collection Power is the bottleneck of their progression in Splinterlands, myself included.

Here are the 3 ways of getting CP through the game:

  • Reward Cards from Loot Chests
  • Cards purchased from the marketplace
  • Gladius Cards from Brawls

Personally, I haven't been able to gather CP through the Brawl yet as our guild just freshly got a level 1 store. You need at least a level 2 store to access the Gladius cases. Nevertheless, I am still very excited to start collecting Merits through brawling.

My first two months [Nov - Dec 2021]


  • Loot Chests
  • Card Flipping

In the first two months, I was collecting on average 750 CP per season. Keep in mind that to this day, I never got a Legendary or Gold Foils, except Common Gold Foils, from the loot chests, which means that the most I've ever got from one single card are 125 CP.

I was spending most of my time in high Bronze & low Silver leagues as well, so, I used to get one or two daily chests at most. However, after a month or so, I started to flip cards for marginal profits, which allowed me to buy my very first cards from the marketplace.

Without card flipping, I wouldn't have reached 750 CP per season.

At that pace, I was set to reach the 15k threshold in ten months or so. This was actually my target for this year 2022. But, something helped me speed up the process in a way I wasn't expecting. I ended up crossing this threshold a few days ago. Here is the link to my 15k CP Celebration giveaway.

My last two months [Jan - Feb 2022]


  • Loot chests
  • Blogging

I discovered blogging on Splintertalk in mid-January. Since then, I have been consistently posting an article per day. There are better days than others. Sometimes I get more views, sometimes less, but what is important to me is not breaking the chain.

In terms of CP, I have been averaging between 2500 to 3000 CP per season, which is a lot to me! Again, no unbelievable luck from loot chests. Sure, I got a few Epics here and there, but that's not the main reason why I got so many CP.

The real boost came from my posts. Since I started to earn tokens from blogging, I have been systematically pouring those earnings into buying more cards. My goal was to reach the Silver III threshold, without renting, as quickly as possible.

There is no guarantee that this blog will keep on generating enough revenue to build up my CP, so I wanted to spend those tokens wisely. Nevertheless, if I succeed in maintaining this pace, I should be able to reach 40k CP in five months or so.

Another thing that helped me was playing in high Silver & low Gold leagues for the most part of the seasons. This way, I was able to get more loot chests per day, which meant a higher probability of getting cards on a regular basis.

In a nutshell

As I haven't been blessed with insane luck since I started playing this game, I think that my account could represent a decent blueprint for new players wanting to assess how long it might take them to build up their Collection Power.

You will for sure need a bit of patience, but if you are ready to commit a fair amount of time into growing your assets in the game, I do believe that any player with a limited budget can still be able to slowly grind their way up as long as they stay consistent and have a long-term mindset.

To conclude and quickly illustrate my point, here is what I’ve got from the 4 daily loot chests I opened yesterday. As you can see, nothing outstanding, the first two were even quite awful (1 Potion + 1 DEC).

Loot Chest s1234.jpg

However, because I was rewarded 4 Silver I chests, the probabilities of getting cards were still 50%. In the end, it is what I’ve ended up having with a Pelacor Conjurer and a Venari Heatsmith. Those seemingly trivial cards can still accumulate substantial power over a long enough period of time.

Wish you all an amazing journey!


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Ongoing (unanswered) question

Does anyone know how this bot was able to sell cards with only a 1% fee?
Thank you for your help!

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Nice writeup! You are a bit ahead of me CP-wise, but I have also found that blogging, and reinvesting those earnings back into your account can supercharge your progress. Congrats on hitting 15k! 😁


Thank you @bteim! I still remember your first comment, which really gave me the confidence to keep it up. Thanks for the support. You are doing great with your posts (on Economics for example) as well. Let's slowly build our CP together!


Terrific post as always. Keep grinding!


It's nice that you have discovered the amazing potential of the Hive ecosystem which is linked to Splinterlands. Blogging is a perfect way to get some additional income that you can poor into the game and grow faster.

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