Quix The Devious showing me how versatile Dragon Summoners can be! [SPLINTERLANDS]




Quix The Devious' versatility


I've detailed in my previous post the reasons why I recently bought 3 BCX of Quix The Devious. So, naturally, this was an opportunity for me to highlight one of his battles in this week's Share Your Battle Challenge.

I bought Quix The Devious mainly to help me take advantage of leveled-up monsters that I could not use otherwise. For example, having not maxed-out Kelya Frendul for Silver, I could not rely on Diemonshark's Enrage ability with its Water Summoner.

However, Dragon Summoners like Quix The Devious allow me to find a way to get around this limitation. Once I got Quix to Level 2, I looked for monsters that could get a huge leap in utility once maxed-out for Silver. Diemonshark turned out to be one of them.


Diemonshark's resiliency

In this battle, although Diemonshark got successively hit by Affliction, Halving and Poison, it still managed to hold its ground until the very last Round. As a tank, its massive Armor and decent Health make it very reliable.

The benefits of a Level 4 Diemonshark:


At Level 4, Diemonshark gets the Enrage ability. In this instance, the Enrage ability allowed it to keep hitting for 2 after the Halving, which is the amount of damage a base-level Diemonshark can inflict.

Furthermore, the Enraged Diemonshark got to a Speed of 6, which combined with the Speed debuff of Quix The Devious, forced a few misses from the opposition. On top of that, the extra HP it had compared to a Level 1 Diemonshark allowed it to stay alive an extra round in this battle.

Quix - Diemonshark - Rulesets.png

In the end, even though I wasn't able to take advantage of the Stampede ruleset as I initially intended, the resiliency of Diemonshark kept the rest of the team safe in the back.


Getting the upper hand against a Beta / Promo team

Quix - Diemonshark - Round 1.jpg

Getting the upper hand against a team fully composed of old Beta & Promo cards is always satisfying. Those older cards are often very powerful but the Chaos Legion monsters usually don't fare too badly either.

This battle shows once more the overall strength of the Chaos Legion set. Besides Diemonshark, Deeplurker can potentially hit for 4 per Round once maxed out for Silver (starting at Level 4 actually), which I haven't yet.

Otherwise, the duo Naga Assassin and Ice Pixie I had placed in the backline primarily to dodge a few sneak attacks ended up very beneficial with their 1 single hit per turn. They helped Diemonshark get through the monsters in the frontline slowly but surely.

Quix - Diemonshark - Round 4.jpg


The Battle

Rulesets: Stampede + Even Stevens
Mana Cap: 22
League: Gold II
Splinters Available: Fire, Water, Dragon

On Mobile:

On Desktop:


In Conclusion

The Level 2 Quix The Devious unlocked a few key abilities I wasn't able to rely on beforehand. Diemonshark is only one among other monsters than had greatly benefited from a Summoner that help them maximize their potential up to the Silver League Cap.

Among my recent purchases, Chaos Dragon, Mycelic Slipspawn, River Hellondale, Angelic Mandarin and a few others all have profited from this recent upgrade in my playable deck.

That's all for today.
See you all in the next challenge!



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