SPLINTERLANDS: Share your battle! Relying on ONE single DRAGON! [Hit-or-Miss] πŸ’Ž πŸ™Œ



Diamond [Claws] Dragon

Diamond Dragon is often a hit-or-miss type of card. While it comes with a great amount of shield, its 6 health points make it very vulnerable to magic attacks. Costing 10 mana to run, we often cannot afford to lose it after only two or three magic hits.

The truth is that I've discovered this Dragon completely by accident while looking for "cheap" Collection Power to rent. So, having not gotten the card primarily for the stats, I actually rarely rely on it.

In this battle, the options were fairly limited. Within the Broken Arrows ruleset, the Life Splinter was losing its best weapon. The other alternative available was adding Dragons to the mix. The problem was that I didn't have that many Dragons to make a significant difference.

A coin flip


By looking at the rulesets again, I decided to play it on a coin flip. With 14 mana only, my opponent was likely to go full melee or full magic. There was not much room to balance it out. If she went with magic, it would be over. In the other case, my flying Diamond Dragon would most probably be resilient enough against her melee attacks to get the win.

Fortunately, she went full melee. And, my Diamond Dragon took the hits without shivering. πŸ’Ž πŸ™Œ

The battle

Rulesets: Target Practice + Broken Arrows
Mana Cap: 14
League: Silver II


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This is my first time taking part in the "Share your battle!" challenge.
Hope you enjoy it!