More Utility for Splintershards (SPS) and the Future


Splinterlands is preparing for the Next Bull Run!

As predictions are pointing to a nearing bullish movements in the crypto markets, many crypto communities and projects and crossing the "t"s and dotting the "i"s to fine-tune their assets for more adoption and demand. Visionary communities are building more tangible utilities around their tokens and sealing possible leakages that may rain token value. One of such communities is Splinterlands.

In the past few months, Splinterlands has been making thorough adjustments in its development roadmap, pushing for deeper collaborations and strengthening marketing for its products. More importantly, Splinterlands has been intentionally adding more use cases for its governance token token - Splintershards (SPS). This comes at a time when the token once valued above a dollar is discounted for 2 Cents.

New Utility for SPS in GamePlay

There is an intentional plan by the team in making SPS the central token of focus in the Splinterlands ecosystem asides using it for governance operations such as DAO proposal voting. This is creating an increasing demand for SPS token. Going deeper, the restructuring around SPS is emphasizing the need for players to stake SPS with deepening incentives.

Recently, SPS stake delegation was enabled in Splinterlands, paving way for additional source of passive income for whale stakeholders. Rather then just staking the SPS idle in the game, whale investors can buy SPS, stake them, delegate same for an active player for several gaming operations while retaining the power to participate in governance. The delegation can be doled out in an agreed fee with the delegatee.

In the last Splinterlands Townhall meeting and AMA, Splinterlands announced the replacement of Collection power in gameplay with SPS staking. This step is a pioneer step to integrate SPS into the reward mechanism of the game. It is designed in such a way that SPS staking will determine a player's rewards in the game. That is, the more SPS a player stakes, the more the player can earn in the game.

A user's SPS stake held or delegated now determines which league of of battle can be assessed and that is directly proportional to the amount of rewards received. in the words of the game team lead:

We want to encourage players to stake more in order to earn more rewards;
This gives SPS utility;
No money is paid to Splinterlands by doing this

The Demand for SPS is Growing Exponentially

The chart above shows that for a player to play the Champion 1 League, he needs almost half a million staked SPS, which is far beyond what is presently obtainable. I have played Bronze I league without worrying about my SPS stake, but that would not be possible anymore when this new adjustment takes effect from Q3, 2023. At Bronze League I, a player is expected to stake at least 455 SPS and is qualified to earn a minimum of 700 SPS rewards rating.

Many players have had their share of discourse on what they think about the new adjustment but the underlying fact is that this new system is reducing the complexities in the game while also making every player plan to buy and stake more SPS.

All of these added utility for SPS does not negate the fact that every staked SPS is entitled for a staking reward (SPS) at around 20% APY plus VOUCHER token rewards. Indeed, SPS is gradually becoming the everything token that any Splinterlands player needs to get and own. Without a doubt, the demand for SPS is going to be on the increase and this will contribute to the value and pricing of the token on a long run.

What would be your new SPS staking Strategy in line with the new utility added to SPS?

You want to learn more about Splinterlands, SplinterGlossary is a hot reference center for you.


Splinterlands game is termed the "next generation of collectible card games" in which allows players to collect, trade, and battle with provably scarce digital collectibles with real-world value. Battles on Splinterlands Unlike most trading card games, are fast and furious, and are usually completed within few minutes. The Splinterlands gameplay is simple and easy to learn viz: reviewing combat rules, making and submitting of the team and watching the battle unfold.


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