Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
SPT Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
-402.006 HIVE
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Author reward: 16.126975 SPT for valchiz/an-awesome-battle-or-a
Author reward: 30.931644 SPT for valchiz/spirit-hoarder-or-the-triage
Author reward: 60.094808 SPT for valchiz/lily-shieldpaw-is-finally-live
Author reward: 26.300242 SPT for valchiz/the-dragon-dungeons-or-an
Author reward: 82.764506 SPT for valchiz/lily-shieldpaw-coming-up-or
Author reward: 25.208399 SPT for valchiz/lobb-lowlands-or-changing-the
Author reward: 13.522065 SPT for valchiz/magi-necrosi-or-the-spawn
Author reward: 32.899595 SPT for valchiz/dax-paragon-or-the-lord
Author reward: 38.049832 SPT for valchiz/splinterlands-op-battle-or-almo
Author reward: 18.238565 SPT for valchiz/soulbound-cards-might-take-over
Author reward: 53.505050 SPT for valchiz/grund-or-the-warhammer-double
Author reward: 55.959529 SPT for valchiz/nerissa-tridawn-or-lordess-of
Author reward: 43.617931 SPT for valchiz/new-rules-and-monster-cards
Author reward: 27.404521 SPT for valchiz/legionnaire-alvar-or-the-god
Author reward: 91.583477 SPT for valchiz/djinn-inferni-or-the-stunning
Author reward: 30.505302 SPT for valchiz/game-of-speed-or-when
Author reward: 17.877781 SPT for valchiz/the-dragon-dungeon-or-splinterland
Author reward: 36.535010 SPT for valchiz/immortalis-is-finally-out-or
Author reward: 17.193514 SPT for valchiz/splinterlands-or-will-sliver-league
Author reward: 83.177053 SPT for valchiz/cursed-windeku-or-the-nightmarish
Author reward: 25.598202 SPT for valchiz/immortalis-or-an-obstacle-to
Author reward: 44.769868 SPT for valchiz/mycelic-infantry-or-the-lumbering
Author reward: 16.401234 SPT for valchiz/arkemis-the-bear-or-the
Author reward: 45.854579 SPT for valchiz/the-river-nymph-or-lordess
Author reward: 50.240028 SPT for valchiz/possibilus-the-wise-or-only
Author reward: 16.196347 SPT for valchiz/no-attack-and-stampede-or
Author reward: 27.315499 SPT for valchiz/molten-ash-golem-or-the
Author reward: 30.183908 SPT for valchiz/the-wrath-of-tinderlock-or
Author reward: 18.018019 SPT for valchiz/gem-meteor-or-the-light
Author reward: 34.143922 SPT for valchiz/the-mighty-baakjira-or-baleenvast
Author reward: 12.288935 SPT for valchiz/the-dragon-battle-or-a
Author reward: 25.390747 SPT for valchiz/lux-vega-or-the-long
Author reward: 24.860854 SPT for valchiz/dhampir-stalker-or-the-half
Author reward: 3393.183969 SPT for valchiz/tank-heal-with-triage-combo
Author reward: 14.339131 SPT for valchiz/temporal-masters-or-the-gods
Author reward: 2970.542374 SPT for valchiz/uriel-the-purifier-or-the
Author reward: 13.672021 SPT for valchiz/close-range-vs-return-fire
Author reward: 45.677982 SPT for valchiz/regal-peryton-or-the-earth
Author reward: 45.055307 SPT for valchiz/guild-brawl-battle-or-performed
Author reward: 60.965099 SPT for valchiz/diemonshark-or-the-prey-and
Author reward: 25.663468 SPT for valchiz/djinn-apprentice-or-a-danger
Author reward: 12.437494 SPT for valchiz/sic-guild-brawl-update-or
Author reward: 46.441203 SPT for valchiz/magi-of-the-chaosium-or
Author reward: 11.452939 SPT for valchiz/furious-chicken-or-the-last
Author reward: 9.945317 SPT for valchiz/the-dragon-dungeon-or-unleasing
Author reward: 13.721370 SPT for valchiz/grabbing-some-cheap-riftwatcher-gems
Author reward: 12.909419 SPT for valchiz/double-taunt-inline-with-double
Author reward: 13.750730 SPT for valchiz/life-sapper-or-little-gods-of-redemption-leeching-on-victims
Author reward: 10.796623 SPT for valchiz/pelacor-arbalest-the-range-double
Author reward: 9.103275 SPT for valchiz/the-desert-dragon-with-the-deadliest-counter-attack