Market Seer - Today's Tips: Death Element Cards

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First of all, I was surprised by the positive engagement for my first post, so thank you very much everyone.
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I would like to point out that I did the analysis based on the information posted by the Splinterlands AMA Summary.

So come on, in short from my point of view, the new abilities will critically impact some combos, especially this ability ( Amplify ), in which many cards I mentioned are devalued, after launching the new cards will be the new goal of the game.

In these first posts I will give you some COMMON card tips, as the goal is to help newcomers who have little investment power who can bet on a return in the short and medium term.

I will now mention the aspects that will influence the leverage in the values ​​of some cards.

  • Cards are already limited.
  • the need to increase the level of cards will increasingly decrease the number of cards on the market.
  • the demand of players is increasing.
  • trend of the new meta game style.

Over the week since the new skills, I've noticed and you'll notice that the number of cards I'm going to cite is drastically decreasing.

I've already secured some of mine for your own use, maybe some cards you won't use, but to resell and get a return on investment it will be wonderful.

So today I separated the common death element cards:




As I quoted the letters, I will now justify:

  • low market price;
  • and new skill (Amplify) will increase the damage of abilities released from level 5 of each card;
  • with the need to increase the level of the cards, they will disappear and the price will increase exponentially.

I remind everyone that for beginners using cards at level 5+ becomes very unfeasible in terms of values, unless your investment power is high.

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Amplify will be a real game changer. Good post dude. Keep them coming!