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Hello everyone, how are you? Hope you all are well. In this post and so on, this account is only devoted to holding Giveaways for games from @splinterlands and also @risingstargame (for @risingstargame , I still need approximately 1 million STARBITS or around $250 USD to be able to do Giveaways)


In the card Giveaways of the Chaos Legion Edition, every week I will buy 1 Card Pack from the Official Store which sells for $4 USD. I took the money from the results of all Giveaway posts in a week or more precisely 5 days (But for the first and second weeks I used my money).

If in a week all my posts get more than $4, then the rest I will save for the purposes of card Giveaways from the game @risingstargame . But if the result is less than $4, then next week I will be holding Giveaways using a Rewards card.


Phase 1

If I get Gold Foil Epic card or Legendary card (Gold Foil or Non-GF) when opening the Card Pack, then I will temporarily sell it and replace it with ......

Legendary Card >> 2x Epic Card on same Element (which has the highest market price)
Gold Foil Epic Card >>> 3-4x Non-GF Epic Card
Gold Foil Legendary Card >>> 2x Non-GF Legendary Card

I will use the rest of the sale to buy Gold Foil Common and Rare and add it to the Giveaways next week (example: if in the following week I get 2 Rare and 3 Common, then I will buy the version Gold Foil from the card)

And if there is any leftover from the card purchase, the money will be saved for Rising Star Giveaways.

Phase 2

Legendary Gold Foil that I get when I open the Card Pack will be exchanged for Legendary Gold Foil which has a low market price (Reward Card)

Phase 2 will last until I can reach the Collection Power target according to the league I want (Silver 3 / Silver 2) and get my favorite card.

maybe I will add another pack of cards that I will open every week (could be 2 or more packs of cards)

Collection Power (3.3K / 15K)
Have you got all your Favorite Cards? Not yet
Phase 3

I won't exchange any cards I get when I open the Card Pack. I will run the GIVEAWAY normally.

The result of the 1st card pack

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Card for today

Previous Giveaway Winner


Congratulations @makhinoo , Carrion Shade will be sent soon

Rules for Giveaways

  1. Please write your name (in game) in the comments.

  2. Upvotes (optional), but the more upvotes and the bigger the post rewards, the faster I can hold RISING STAR Giveaways.

  3. Reblog, Tips (PIZZA, LUV, LOL, BEER, etc) are also optional. But if you do, I'm very grateful for your kindness.

  4. The deadline to enter the GIVEAWAYS is 21 hours after the post is published. If you exceed this time, you will be disqualified if you become the winner.

  5. Participants who take part in this GIVEAWAY will receive a notification regarding the next GIVEAWAY post.

GIVEAWAYS Participants

@irisworld @eirik @jfang003 @sheikh27 @luizeba @dubble @dagz @jin-out @kheldar1982 @dewabrata @makhinoo @candnpg @amaillo-m @tedus @vaporent @trashyomen @orebutb3 @lorddiablo @koodies @henruc @highfist @tub3r02 @curtis90 @gondek @yasky @hatdogsensei @litrydow @karmaa13 @eddqq @jmehta @koodies @stekene @cibi @matimath @myeong @asrullpare @d3lphinus @flummi97

That was the post about CHAOS LEGION CARDS GIVEAWAYS. Hopefully in the future I can always hold this GIVEAWAYS and can add GIVEAWAYS from other games.

See you in the next post....

1. for each 5th card winner will be announced next week (or when I post the GIVEAWAY of the next card pack)
2. (phase 1) there will be no change for every legendary card (non-GF) I get from the card pack.

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