Share your battle #18: Regal Peryton

Anther week, another entry of the famous share your battle brought to us by @splinterlands.

For this weeks entry, one of my favorite flying magicians, the Regal Peryton

The star of this post: Regal Peryton

Regal Peryton is one of the meanest magicians for your earth deck. I really use it a lot, because of the Flying / High speed combination. This make it real hard to hit by most melee (tank) monsters. Since Pyre is used that much anymore, most tanks the fire splinter are having a real hard time taking this beast down.

Cost for having this beauty on your side

Normal Foil (level 1)Gold Foil (level 2)
EditionChaos Legion
Rental a day0.282 DEC3.4 DEC

Above prices are taken from

Despite being in the base deck, of which you get a reward penalty for using them, your slowly (Or fast, dunno how deep your pockets are 😉) building you own favorite deck to play with and rake in full rewards. And if you want this card, it will set you back a candy bar for a level 1 card, and it's totally worth it.

The Battle

The rules:

  • 15 Mana cap
  • Back to Basics
  • Lost legendaries

And line-up :

  • Summoner: Obsidian
  • Tank: Hill Giant
  • 2nd: Regal Peryton
  • 3rd: Mycelic Morphoid

Despite losing of the Flying due to the Back to Basics rule-set, Regal Peryton can still be used and a great asset because of it's speed. This battle isn't the best example to see it shine, but in combination with Obsidian it still becomes a great asset.

Click on the image to see the full battle

Yay or Nay

Regal Peryton is a great 2nd line card to use behind the Unicorn Mustang or Mycelic Infantry. Or it can be placed all the way in the back of your line-up to make sneak attacks miss there target.

For use in Bronze / Silver even a level 1 card can be competitive, so i definitely find this a monster that belongs on your deck back default!

Thanks for reading, and a like and follow would be highly appreciated!

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