Tales from the Guild, Brawl report #1


Hi there splinterfans! And welcome to my first post in this series in which i want to report how i am doing in the guild brawls, in which fray's i do best and of course which to avoid 😉

The Guild

Since a few months i joined the guild who go by the name of "Illusions of the Grave". Currently we are ranked #333 with a rating of 16,436 and competing in tier 2 after the last brawl, just so you know.

Battles of the Brawl

For this brawl i entered Fray 1, meaning Novice level caps, max level 1 monsters and summoners and all cards playable including gold foils. So lets check out my battles!

Battle 1 - Loss
Rule-set - Even-Stevens
Mana-cap - 25

The first battle started out great against the combination Scarred Llama Mage, Quiora Towershead and Suidea Shaman, yeah right. There was nothing my team could do against them. I managed to take out the Shaman, but Bloodlust took her into overdrive with 23 health, 7 attack on both magic and melee, health regeneration and 8 speed by the end of the battle. In other words, just no chance.

Battle 2 - Loss
Rule-set - Earthquake, Equal Opportunity
Mana-cap - 36

Based on the ruleset Earthquake, i thought it was time for using Brighton Bloom of the Dragon splinter to give my monsters flying. But in another battle against the Llama with the combination of Quiora Towershead and Kron The Undying, my battle ended in just over 4 rounds.

Battle 3 - Loss
Rule-set - Spreading Fury
Mana-cap - 28

Yes, against the llama and Quiora Towershead it is. And you guessed it right, another loss. Perhaps that's a winning combination 😉 After Quiora went beserk with last standing, fury and bloodlust there was nothing i could have done differently but watch how she took out my team.

Battle 4 - Loss
Rule-set - Even Stevens
Mana-cap - 15

This battle was against one of the new riftwatchers summoner, Sthispa. She bring phase to the battle, an ability i hadn't seen before, so i came unprepared. So with the chance of missing with mana, and void armor. You guessed it right, the 4th loss in a row.

Battle 5 - Win
Rule-set - Aim True and Reverse Speed
Mana-cap - 15

Here i picked the correct monsters to battle against my opponent. The Void armor of Grum did it's work, and got me my first win of the brawl.

Battle 6 - Loss
Rule-set - Normal
Mana-cap - 34

Upon starting the battle, i had a feeling i could have won this. But a miss on my side and a good first monster on the other side resulted in another loss.

Battle 7 - Loss
Rule-set - Rampage and Healed Out
Mana-cap - 54

In this battle if completely picked the wrong monster. Against Grandmaster Rathe, providing his monster with void armor and a flying tank, my team just didn't stand a change.

Battle 8 - Win
Rule-set - Earthquake
Mana-cap - 48

Here i chose Vera Salacia for her Snare ability. The idea was, if my opponent had a lot of flying monsters immune to the earthquake, snare would bring the down to earth. It wasn't necessary in the end, and i find Runemancer Kye a great asset and the winner of this battle.

Battle 9 - Loss
Rule-set - Spreading Fury
Mana-cap - 29

The final battle of this brawl. My opponent made the smart decision to put The Kraken in tank position. After taking down his armor, and activating his rage resulting in the end of Grum, which paved the way to the takedown of my remaining monsters.

Stats and final thoughts

A 2 out 9 battle win isn't really something to be happy with. I got wiped out real quick a few times, making me rethink my rentals for entering the next brawl.

So for now i am sticking with a 22% win ratio. Luckily (or unlucky, depending on how you look at it) for me, the rest of the guild wasn't really doing better this brawl, leaving us in 9th position out of 10 for this brawl with a Merit reward of 788 which is quite nice.

BattlesWinWin Ratio
Fray 19222.2%

I want to thank you for stopping by and for your time to check out this post. Hope to see you again after the next brawl. Until then, just keep battling