Taunt your enemy with Mycelic Slipspawn

Hi Splinterland fans, and welcome to a new weekly share your battle. This weeks monster in the spotlights is:

Statistics card

Added in the Choas Legion to counter Life's Shieldbearer and his Taunt ability. It's got the same high health and attack power.


Because of the Taunt ability in combination with Magic as attack, this is great card to use in battle's as a tank. I find it working great against the Shieldbearer (Life) or the Living Lava (Fire) which you see a lot in the Bronze / Silver league. It combine's great with the Wood Nymph or Goblin Psychic (or both) to get some healing per round.

The only down side of this attack combination is the lack of speed of the cards, so be careful to use it against high speed opponents, because they could wipe the Mycelic Slipspawn of the battlefield even before the healing of Goblin or Wood Nymph kicks in.

The Battle

For this battle i used the following line-up in a 19 mana battle against Life.


The best summoner in the standard deck for Earth.

Mycelic Slipspawn

Great tank because of the Taunt and high health combination.

Wood Nymph

I chose the wood nymph over the goblin psychic because it costs only 4 mana instead of 6. And in this battle that give room to add one more monster.

Khmer Princess

Low mana card which can pack a punch in combination with obsidian.

link to the battle

Did my line-up work?

Well, it worked great against the line up my opponent chose. The Taunt will keep your lower health monsters safe, and with obsidian as summoner you will get a killer combo.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you on the battlefield or in the next share your battle by @splinterlands!

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