Jared Scar takes down the entire team! - Splinterlands Tactician #57

3rd March 2023.

It took a few losses to Jared Scar today for me to learn from my mistake.

Use Jared Scar if the rulesets give you the blessing.

You will be rewarded.

Full bloodlust Jared Scar.png

The Battle

The notable ruleset here is Super Sneak.

Full bloodlust .png

The idea is to have my Jared Scar take down as many people as possible, while the rest of the team holds the fort.

My opponent had a full set of tanky and evasive monsters with the intention of having an immortal team.

Now you see why Jared Scar is the hero of the match.

6x bloodlust!!!

Full bloodlust 6x.png

You can catch the full battle here!

Always fight, never surrender.

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