King of Stun, Conqueror Jacek - Splinterlands Tactician #63

10th March 2023.

RNG has a bad reputation among gamers.

"RNG messed me up."
"If it wasn't for RNG, I would have won."

We need to be humble and acknowledge the times when RNG smiles upon us and gave us the win too.

King of Stun.png

The Battle

The notable ruleset here is Heavy Hitters, where all monsters gain the Knock Out ability.

A monster with Knock Out does double damage to monsters that are stunned.

King of Stun battle.png

The idea here is to make use of Conqueror Jacek's Scattershot to stun and knock out my opponent before my team falls.

The ultimate glass cannon implementation.

Round 1

Things went swimmingly in Round 1.

King of Stun battle round 1.png

River Hellondale went down, so no ressurection for my opponent.
Gargoya Devil is stunned.
And it looks like my Tinderlock will survive a little longer.


RNG FTW anyone?

You can catch the full battle here!

Always fight, never surrender.

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