Lily Shieldpaw swimming in Noxious Fumes? - Splinterlands Tactician #60

5th March 2023.

Lily Shieldpaw is the latest and final legendary summoner of the Chaos Legion.

Her skill set is confusing and controversial, to say the least.

I have been thinking of when I can deploy her, and Noxious Fumes seems to be one of her strengths.

I have not tested her out yet since I only have a level one Lily.

But today, I have the privilege of seeing her in action.

Lily Shieldpaw in Noxious Fumes.png

The Battle

The idea is to make full use of Lily's built-in Triage to keep the backline healthy.

This should complement whoever is Immune or Cleansed in the front and do more DPS for the team.

Lily Shieldpaw in Noxious Fumes battle.png

Round 4

The battle raged on and we ended up with 3v2.

He has a Martyred Forgotten One and Tenyii Striker.

I have a doubled Martyred Forgotten One, and the rest was Martyred once.

Lily Shieldpaw in Noxious Fumes battle Round 4.png

It's his Tenyii Striker that I'm worried about.

Round 5

It's 2v1.

His Tenyii Striker has survived because of the Triage.

Will my doubled Martyred Forgotten One carry me through this battle?

Lily Shieldpaw in Noxious Fumes battle Round 5.png

Will you be able to predict the outcome?

You can catch the full battle here!

Always fight, never surrender.

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