Saying No to Yodin! - Splinterlands Tactician #59

4th March 2023.

Yodin is still a meta summoner in the current soul-bound era.

Pure DPS with Blast.

And we are going to take him down today.

Taking down Yodin.png

The Ruleset

The notable ruleset here is Target Practice, where every monster gains the Snipe ability.

It's the perfect environment for Yodin.

And my opponent used him in his last 5 battles.

Taking down Yodin Battle.png

Taking the risk, I went for an anti-Yodin lineup.

The Lineup

The idea here is to max my monsters' evasion to survive the blasts coming my way.

Spirit Hoarder for Blind to get 15% evasion.
Astral Entity for Dodge to get 25% evasion.
Supply Runner and Lira the Dark for the speed boost.

On top of this, we have Headwinds from Riftwing and Queen of Crows to nerf Yodin's range damage.

We should be able to do well, right?

The Battle

In Round 2, my Spirit Hoarder was sniped by Gem Meteor. Good thing Astral Entity comes with a build-in Ressurect.

Taking down Yodin Battle Round 2.png

By Round 4, my team is in the clear to take the win.

Good job team!

Taking down Yodin Battle Round 4.png

How will you take on Yodin?

You can catch the full battle here!

Always fight, never surrender.

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Saludos con CONQUEROR JACEK u algo de blast también se le puede ganar