Sneaking in Opportunity/Equalizer ruleset - Splinterlands Tactician #58

3rd March 2023.

Came across a new lineup that I have never seen before.

A fantastic lineup that wasn't even fully levelled for the Gold league.

A well-deserved win by my opponent.

And featuring the humble Silent Sha-vi.

Sneaking in Opportunity.png

The Battle

The notable rulesets are Equal Opportunity and Equalizer.

Normally, the idea is to ignore Equal Opportunity since every monster has the same HP due to Equalizer.

But that is not what my opponent is thinking.

Sneaking in Opportunity battle.png

The idea here is so insidious that I didn't realize what was happening until my Gargoya Devil went down first.

With Silent Sha-vi as the fastest monster, it hit my Gargoya Devil due to Sneak overriding Opportunity, applying Cripple and bringing it 1 HP lower than the rest of my team.

Because of the Equal Opportunity ruleset, the entire team proceeded to attack my Gargoya Devil.

Sneaking in Opportunity battle 2.png

And this cycle repeated itself on my team as if I was fighting 5 sneak monsters.

This blows my mind because I never had an Equal Opportunity/Equalizer ruleset where a "sneak team" was pulled off successfully.

Lessons from the Battle

2 things happened here simultaneously:

  • Sneak overrides Opportunity.
  • Cripple causes the debuffed monster to be the primary target in Equal Opportunity.

Silent Sha-vi, a monster with Sneak and Cripple, will debuff the last monster and cause the entire team to function as a sneak team.

Is my opponent a genius?

Why haven't I encountered this before after more than a year of Splinterlands?

You can catch the full battle here!

Always fight, never surrender.

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