Unlimited Healing (no deaths) - Splinterlands Tactician #62

8th March 2023.

I've encountered teams that refused to take any damage once in a while.

And I have always wanted to recreate it to see how it is being built.

Today is finally the day.

Unlimited Healing.png

The Battle

The ruleset didn't really matter.

I just wanted an undying team and see if it will hold against whatever my opponent will throw at me.

Unlimited healing battle.png

The idea is to create a healing blockade in front and at the back.

Wave Brood for the taunt and high HP.
Baakjira for the heal and high HP.
And a ton of triage and healing to help them.

Last but not least, Chaos Dragon as the one and only DPS that can bypass taunt.

Let the game begin.

Round 6

The entire battle is a grind.

At Round 6, no monsters have perished died.

Unlimited healing battle round 6.png

My Wavebrood is still surviving despite being poisoned.

And my Baakjira is still going strong.

Looks like my team will prevail today.

Have you build an unlimited healing team before?

You can catch the full battle here!

Always fight, never surrender.

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