Have you ever imagined a partnership with Marvel and the legendary card Wolverine? And a new ability?

I was thinking about a partnership with Marvel Studios. A new set: X-MEN. OK. Dreaming too much, but I need it sometimes.

It would be awesome to play with our favorite heroes or villains.

Then I did art in Photoshop with my favorite one: Wolverine: A legendary card, with 16 mana cost, 6 melee damage, 4 speed, 10 life, and his abilities, based on the character:

Wolwerine copy.jpg

Fury, Shield, Amor Piercing, Heal, and a new one called "Bleeding". This ability, with 50% chance to trigger, would remove 1 point of life at the beginning of each round. Can you imagine this ability combined with poison?

All values and stats came to my mind. I am not a designer or balance specialist. Just putting a dream on "paper".

What do you think? What new heroes do you wanna see in a future post? Many Splinterlands abilities can fit very well in some heroes. Tell me.

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