Tell me, from the deep of you heart. Do you think Modern really banned bots?

Short text: Before all the bot stuff, my win rate was variable, as a human, 50%-70%

After bot incentivization started and little matured: 50%

First season of "bot removal" 45%. Still got top 40 in modern diamond.

Last season - Less than 40% - 280th place.

This season 25%.

When I used xbot training. = 5% (this 2 months ago) Can you imagine the development of the bot

After the bot incentivization and time to collect data this is not a human game anymore. Anyone can use a smartphone to grab the data of a match send to a server, and receive the best team to play.

Now I am sure I was wrong and those who said anti-bot measures won't work were right. It's impossible to fight against technology. The sad part is that the fun part of playing a game against a human is over.

If a human has to choose between money and fun.. he will go always for the money. I will keep my xbot playing on wild and wait the next bull run (if the game is not over yet). Maybe people will like playing a farmer's game instead of a card game to the farmer's game will give you cards superpowers to beat any bot.

Anyway. To me, the fun part of the game is over..the card game is over.. Maybe I like land 1.5 and land 2.0 will be fun as a farm simulator or simcity. This is the only option left.

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