"Flying in the Sky" - Art by Willow (2022)(Age 7)(LIST NFT)


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Here is the newest addition to the "Willow Art" NFT Collection. Only 10 Editions avaliable. As low as 10 LIST for one!

Created by Willow Katherine McGonigal @wkm ( 2022 )( Age 7 ). Created with Crayola crayons. Scanned to 600 DPI with a Canon Pixma MX922. High Resolution (3165x4441) .PNG file. All sales profits go to Willow's Allowance!

Flying in the Sky preview.png

Created by Willow Katherine McGonigal, 2022, Age 7

My name is Willow, I want to be an artist when I grow up! I love to read and draw. I always ask my Dad (@ianmcg) why he is on the computer all the time. He always say "making money". I asked "How"...So my Dad made this account to show me.

I make art that my Dad uploads to this blog for me. He buys some of the cryptocurrency made from my art posts and pays me an extra allowance! He takes the rest and is saving to buy a ledger nano x to save crypto for my future. This blog is a lesson from father to a daughter about cryptocurrency and marketing.

Check out my own website my Dad made me!


I hope you enjoy my art!



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