WOO Land Sale - Official GIF Contest!


Good Evening WOO Fans!

Tonight we are proud to bring you the WOO Official GIF Contest! This contest is celebrating the WOO Land Sale happening on February 14th at 9am ET.

We invite you to flex your artistic and comedic skills in this WOO-tastic event! Take home all sorts of awesome WOO rewards. A lucky winner will also be receiving 5 Woo Land Plot as part of a special raffle for entrants of the contest.

That's Right, Your very own chunck of Land to tackle the universe of WOO!


GIF Contest Details:

Create a GIF that is themed to WOO Land sale or WOO Land in general.

Once the GIF is created, post it on Hive! Create a post on any Hive dApp containing your GIF and the #WOOGIF hashtag. Tag @wrestorgonline and @woo-events in the post so we can see your entry. Only one post / account will be eligible for the free raffle entry but feel free to create as many as possible to be selected as one of the 5 best GIFs.

Top 5 Prizes

1st Place = 40k $WOO + 3 Raffle Tickets

2nd Place = 30k $WOO + 2 Raffle Tickets

3rd Place = 20k $WOO + 1 Raffle Ticket

4th Place = 10k $WOO + 1 Raffle Ticket

5th Place = 5k $WOO

All accounts who submit a GIF to the contest will receive 1 Raffle ticket.

The WOO Staff will go through all GIF entries and pick their favorites to be selected for the Top 5. Contest entries end on February 22th at 11:59pm ET. Get your post submitted by then to be included in the contest. Winners will be announced February 27th via blog post.

Never made a GIF before? No problem!

For assistance creating a GIF you can follow our step-by-step guide from our last contest!

GIF Tutorial

Only 8 steps!

Wrestling Organization Online wants your participation in this contest not only because it's a great way to earn some WOO and possibly get a land plot. It also shows how talented and creative our community can be!
Be sure to submit all entries by the deadline on February 22th at 11:59pm ET.


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Really had fun with the previous one, so will definitely send in some gifs again!

Looking forward to seeing all the different gifs!