Potentiel land idea for Splinterlands

TLDR: I came up with an interesting voucher burning idea for land that determines how much materials you would be able to harvest on repspective landplots.

To simplify the explanation of the idea, let's imagine you can only stake 1 monster on a plot of land.

Idea explained:

When you reveal a land plot, you will be shown 1 “free” element on the plot, that could for an example be the variation of splinter, in this case Water.

Land plot with 1 element revealed:

To unlock more than the first free element, you will have to pay 1 voucher pr unlock which will increase the harvested materials.

Vouchers will therefor be available to unlock the following attributes:
  • The Splinter
  • Mana
  • Attack, variance? (magic/melee/archery) / + or amount of attack
  • Speed
  • Armor
  • Health
  • Abilities
  • Rarity? (not in this example)
  • Card edition? (not in this example)
    (In this case the splinter is already shown for free which happend when the card got revealed,
    it could be random by every reveal.

If all attributes are unlocked by vouchers and the staked card matches everything perfectly
(which would be close to impossible), then that would mean a 'perfect' harvest.

Abilities explained:

Now you are probably wondering about the questionmarks in the ability-area...

This could work as productivity amplifiers, giving '5% bonus pr matched ability.
These abilities will also be unlocked by the use of vouchers to a maximum of '5 abilities.
That would then be a total of 10 voucher burns pr plot of land.
(possibly more, if you are able to stake more than 1 monster pr plot.)

How would the math work behind the different aspects when everything isn’t revealed?
Let’s look at an example:


Let’s say you reveal this land plot and your free attribute is The Splinter, meaning if the monster staked matches the splinter, you will be able to harvest 35% of the potential harvest that your land offers.

Now, let’s say 10 vouchers gets used and everything on the card is revealed!

Land plot with everything revealed:

This is now your land plot, if all attributes can be matched perfectly, you get 100% of the potential harvest that your land offers. (125% with all abilities).

Now it’s all about finding the perfect match for your land plot!

Now for the math:

For this example, we have the Naga Warrior from the alpha edition, let’s stake it!

Naga Warrior is now staked on your plot of land, so how much can you expect to harvest?

The attributes of the staked card and the land plot match very well.

We can now look at the attribute values from before:

  • Splinter: Determines '35% of harvest
  • Mana: Determines '10% of harvest
  • Attack: Determines '15% of harvest
  • Speed: Determines '15% of harvest
  • Armor: Determines '10% of harvest
  • Health: Determines '15% of harvest
  • Abilities: +'5% bonus pr piece.

Example 1.0 with Naga Warrior staked:

xLand plot attributes:Monster card attributes:Difference:Harvest:
SplinterWaterWater0 => (35%*1)35%
Mana550 => (10%*1)10%
Attack550 => (15%*1)15%
Speed343/4 = 75% => (15*0.75)11.25%
Armor10-1 = 10%=> (10*0.9)9%
Health898/9= 88.9% => (15*0.889)13.34%
Abilities525% + 5%+10%

-Note: The differences in attributes divided - lowest amount always first in equation.
(if an attribute = 0, the difference = -10%)

This shows that a good matching card could make for a great harvest.
-let’s make an example with a “bad choice”.

Example 1.1 with “bad choice” staked (X-X shows where there is changes):

xLand plot attributes:Monster card attributes:Difference:Harvest :
SplinterWaterWater0 => (35%*1)35%
X Mana X585/8 = 62.5% => (10%*0.625)6.25%
Attack550 => (15%*1)15%
X Speed X311/3 ≈ 33% => (15*0.33)5%
X Armor X151/5 = 20%=> (10*0.2)2%
X Health X866/8 = 75% => (15*0.75)11,25%
X AbilitiesX515%+5%

By compairing Table 1.0 and 1.1, it is possible to see that a bad match can be detrimental for the harvest percentage. In this example there is a 24.1% difference.

If we were to speculate that a plot of land needs 1 summoner and 6 monsters then the harvest percentage could be determinded by the average of those 6 monsters (+summoner?)

Finishing notes:

I do see some implications for people with tracts (or many plots)... There could probably be some work arounds - possibly a "fill best option" button?.
With that said, this is overall my idea on a voucher burning mechanism for land that determines how much material you will be able to harvest.

I am keen to hear your take on this idea, and possible additions you might have! 😁
-- Xensational out!


It is too complicated for my brain to think about tonight, but I love the energy that you put into the concept. Good work and thanks for brainstorming! :)


I would love to hear your thoughts once you are able to take a look at it! 😄