Probably my first Splinterlands proposal vote (2023.01.08)

I already saw a few Splinterlands proposals, but I do not remember voting on them so far. Probably I have not voted on them so far (is it possible to check this anywhere?). Approximately 10 minutes ago I voted for the Sell 2B DEC-B for DEC or Vouchers proposal.

The voting for this proposal will be closed in two days. Currently 70% of the stakeholders voted for this proposal, and 30% of the stakeholders voted against this proposal. So probably it will be passed. Except if this ratio drastically changes in the next two days, which is probably unlikely.

I voted for it, because I like the idea of implementing a system of burning DEC or VOUCHER tokens in order to receive a discount on future purchases within the Splinterlands game which will require burning DEC tokens.

The only bad side of this proposal (in my opinion) is that the discount would/will be available only for the new features within the game that BURN DEC tokens, so it would/will not be available for cards, for card packs, nor for booster packs.

But of course I see the importance of burning DEC tokens. It helps the sustainability and the value of the DEC token and the whole Splinterlands ecosystem.

At the time of the voting I had 58.02 SPS. Splinterlands rounded this down to 58 SPS. 1 SPS is currently $0.023 USD, so this is currently worth $1.33 USD. Not much, but still more than nothing.

At the time of the writing of this post, I have most of my SPS in the SWAP.HIVE:SPS liquidity position. I currently have 46.552 SWAP.HIVE and 541.76 SPS in it. I currently own the 0.004% of the shares in this liquidity pool.

And I currently own a Splinterlands card collection of 312 cards, which currently worth $84.23 USD. Nowadays I automatically lease out most of these Splinterlands cards on Splex.GG.

Nowadays I do not (or at least very rarely) play Splinterlands, but I still have interest in the success of the game, because I have stake/investments in the game.

Good luck and have fun.

Happy New Year.

Have a nice day and have a nice weekend.
All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.


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is it possible to check this anywhere?

Yes, on the proposals page there is the filter icon, currently set to "active"

you can change it to "complete" to see all earlier proposals