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Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPT can be converted to SPT POWER in a process called staking.
SPT Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
+7959.755 HIVE
HIVE Dollar
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Author reward: 560.609798 SPT for zaku/the-guild-of-neoxian-brawl-hall-brawl-cycle--188th
Author reward: 4267.851887 SPT for zaku/warriors-splinterlands-eos-reports-season-122-summary
Author reward: 3554.786037 SPT for zaku/the-guild-of-neoxian-brawl-hall-brawl-cycle--187th
Transferred 8897.263659 SPT to zaku-spt
Author reward: 3934.143416 SPT for zaku/zakus-splinterlands-eos-reports-season-122-summary
Author reward: 3873.576183 SPT for zaku/the-guild-of-neoxian-brawl-hall-brawl-cycle--186th
Author reward: 524.733962 SPT for zaku/warriors-splinterlands-eos-reports-season-121-summary
Author reward: 10.156457 SPT for zaku/re-arc7icwolf-s3z2fj
Author reward: 554.653641 SPT for zaku/the-guild-of-neoxian-brawl-hall-brawl-cycle--185th
Transferred 8440.50549 SPT to zaku-spt
Author reward: 4098.452777 SPT for zaku/zakus-splinterlands-eos-reports-season-121-summary
Author reward: 4342.052713 SPT for zaku/the-guild-of-neoxian-brawl-hall-brawl-cycle--184th
Staked 3926.594683 SPT to zaku-spt
Author reward: 3926.594683 SPT for zaku/warriors-splinterlands-eos-reports-season-120-summary
Transferred 9471.609201 SPT to zaku-spt
Author reward: 469.368732 SPT for zaku/the-guild-of-neoxian-brawl-hall-brawl-cycle--183rd
Author reward: 0.100016 SPT for zaku/re-tarazkp-20231027t225111940z
Author reward: 3885.836270 SPT for zaku/the-guild-of-neoxian-brawl-hall-brawl-cycle--182nd
Author reward: 0.174532 SPT for zaku/re-shawnnft-s2y7jj
Author reward: 4136.117982 SPT for zaku/zakus-splinterlands-eos-reports-season-120-summary
Author reward: 492.748563 SPT for zaku/the-guild-of-neoxian-brawl-hall-brawl-cycle-181st
Author reward: 487.263106 SPT for zaku/the-guild-of-neoxian-brawl
Staked 8825.342145 SPT to zaku-spt
Author reward: 4178.175763 SPT for zaku/warriors-splinterlands-eos-reports-season-119-summary
Author reward: 4251.679645 SPT for zaku/zakus-splinterlands-eos-reports-season-119-summary
Author reward: 395.486737 SPT for zaku/the-guild-of-neoxian-brawl-hall-brawl-cycle--179th
Staked 4549.981987 SPT to zaku-spt
Author reward: 4176.124693 SPT for zaku/the-guild-of-neoxian-brawl-hall-brawl-cycle--178th
Author reward: 373.857294 SPT for zaku/warriors-splinterlands-eos-reports-season-118-summary
Author reward: 3793.610983 SPT for zaku/the-guild-of-neoxian-brawl-hall-brawl-cycle--177th
Author reward: 342.655197 SPT for zaku/zakus-splinterlands-eos-reports-season-118-summary
Author reward: 3958.355815 SPT for zaku/the-guild-of-neoxian-brawl-hall-brawl-cycle--176th
Transferred 5063.544914 SPT to zaku-spt
Author reward: 4257.938096 SPT for zaku/the-guild-of-neoxian-brawl-hall-brawl-cycle--175th
Author reward: 367.910899 SPT for zaku/the-guild-of-neoxian-brawl-hall-brawl-cycle--174th
Author reward: 437.695919 SPT for zaku/warriors-splinterlands-eos-reports-season-117-summary
Staked 4557.955891 SPT to zaku-spt
Author reward: 4557.955891 SPT for zaku/the-guild-of-neoxian-brawl-hall-brawl-cycle--173rd
Staked 17075.810365 SPT to zaku-spt
Author reward: 4614.664434 SPT for zaku/zakus-splinterlands-eos-reports-season-117-summary
Author reward: 4157.549938 SPT for zaku/the-guild-of-neoxian-brawl-hall-brawl-cycle--172nd
Author reward: 4301.493604 SPT for zaku/warriors-splinterlands-eos-reports-season-116-summary
Author reward: 4002.102389 SPT for zaku/the-guild-of-neoxian-brawl-hall-brawl-cycle--171st
Transferred 7313.421578 SPT to zaku-spt
Author reward: 3959.719953 SPT for zaku/the-guild-of-neoxian-brawl-hall-brawl-cycle--170th
Author reward: 3353.701625 SPT for zaku/zakus-splinterlands-eos-reports-season-116-summary
Transferred 8951.563917 SPT to zaku-spt
Author reward: 3623.062208 SPT for zaku/the-guild-of-neoxian-brawl-hall-brawl-cycle--169th
Author reward: 1872.556250 SPT for zaku/ability-analysis-blast-fire
Author reward: 2634.522378 SPT for zaku/the-guild-of-neoxian-brawl-hall-brawl-cycle--168th
Author reward: 408.382465 SPT for zaku/warriors-splinterlands-eos-reports-season-115-summary
Author reward: 61.616010 SPT for zaku/re-bitcoinflood-ryzmbb
Author reward: 351.424606 SPT for zaku/the-guild-of-neoxian-brawl-hall-brawl-cycle--167th
Transferred 4286.040314 SPT to zaku-spt
Author reward: 127.696222 SPT for zaku/re-jhridoy14-ryvyqx
Author reward: 121.314605 SPT for zaku/re-libertycrypto27-rytm2q
Author reward: 3701.464497 SPT for zaku/zakus-splinterlands-eos-reports-season-115-summary
Author reward: 335.564990 SPT for zaku/the-guild-of-neoxian-brawl-hall-brawl-cycle--166th
Transferred 5918.443918 SPT to zaku-spt
Author reward: 3650.743964 SPT for zaku/the-guild-of-neoxian-brawl-hall-brawl-cycle--165th
Author reward: 2267.699954 SPT for zaku/ability-analysis-backfire-earth-death-dragon-and-neutral
Transferred 4506.230978 SPT to zaku-spt
Author reward: 2928.796969 SPT for zaku/warriors-splinterlands-eos-reports-season-114-summary
Author reward: 306.867282 SPT for zaku/the-guild-of-neoxian-brawl-hall-brawl-cycle--164th
Transferred 9052.69516 SPT to zaku-spt
Transferred 2720.345523 SPT to zaku-spt
Transferred 5749.863389 SPT to zaku-spt
Transferred 3663.939607 SPT to zaku-spt
Transferred 3902.372814 SPT to zaku-spt
Staked 3726.164375 SPT to zaku-spt
Staked 7420 SPT to zaku-spt
Received 3550.210458 SPT from bdvoter
Staked 2431.128718 SPT to zaku-spt
Staked 2931.97 SPT to zaku-spt
Staked 26478.09727 SPT to zaku-spt
Staked 80261.33 SPT to zaku-spt
Staked 3400.509296 SPT to zaku-spt
Staked 4102 SPT to zaku-spt
Staked 4159.57704 SPT to zaku-spt
Staked 6233.963409 SPT to zaku-spt
Staked 10106.616593 SPT to zaku-spt
Staked 5649.007836 SPT to zaku-spt
Staked 174143.466 SPT to zaku-spt
Staked 159283.393962 SPT to zaku-spt
Staked 78182.139053 SPT to zaku-spt
Staked 77534.466985 SPT to zaku-spt
Staked 67082.186491 SPT to zaku-spt
Staked 24508.821806 SPT to zaku-spt
Staked 28408.991703 SPT to zaku-spt
Staked 27667.480638 SPT to zaku-spt
Staked 149073.248786 SPT to zaku-spt
Staked 10544.315933 SPT to zaku-spt
Staked 4303.687 SPT to zaku-spt
Staked 149706.908704 SPT to zaku-spt
Staked 116985.237139 SPT to zaku-spt
Staked 1832.460874 SPT to zaku-spt
Staked 13432.764444 SPT to zaku-spt
Staked 12059.215867 SPT to zaku-spt
Staked 9765.005773 SPT to zaku-spt
Staked 46000.788908 SPT to zaku-spt