#45. Week 10 - Rewarding life's embarrassing moments with Steem Basic income

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We've all had moments in our life where you wish you could go back in time and undo that one little slip-up.


It happens to the best of us, and often at the worst of times. You will hope no one was around to see it, and that those who were will soon forget. But the ironic thing is, it impacts us deeply enough that even years later we will often remember these moments and the way we felt at the time. Hopefully, now you can look back and have a laugh about it though... because that is what this contest is all about!

Tell us your most embarrassing moment... well, at least the most embarrassing moment your willing to share 😉


Here is a post my wife shared about our bedroom antics, painfully funny


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  • Depending on the number and quality of the entrants, I will award a minimum of 5 Steem basic income spread among the comments I feel are the funniest, or most embarrassing.

  • If we have a lot of entries I will up the prize to 10 Steem Basic income 5 SBI for the best comment, and the remaining 5 spread over the other winners. (Including 2 SBI for the comment with the most upvotes)

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To enter all you have to do is:

Tell us your most embarrassing moment.

The winner/s will be announced after post payout

It's that simple!

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We have to laugh at life.
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When I was a child on my way home, I didn't find a bathroom... You know the rest.

I still feel sorry for that day.

Sounds like a shitty situation...

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I remember on my teenage years to be walking at the beachside with my sister when I noticed 2 cute girls seated nearby looking at me. And there I was, puffing my chest and walking proudly...until 5 seconds later, landing face first on the sand because someone had dug a hole in the sand and I stuck my foot there. Needless to say the two girls were rolling on the towel laughing by the time i got up...

Ahahahah more or less that, in a non acrobatic way; only my pride got hurt! 😂😂😉

for you

Hello dr.phil blondie here from rainy Rotterdam.
Ok i have a few moments and they could be in tags cooking, family, Ulog, kids and hygiëne but i Will choose the last one.

Schools started again 4 weeks ago and we were away untill the last day and didnt see any of the parents and kids from school. For me heaven, an escape from normal life but during the holiday Some of the parents and kids came up in convo’s at dinner while enjoying sea sun and leisure. One of them is a woman we know , not Well but ok and sometimes talk to, when the kids cross eachother while going out at the end of a school day. This week was one of those moments, i said Nice weather and she knodded. While LITTLE D said “why do you talk to that woman you dont like her hair and clothes, you said she looked like Cindy lauper in 1975......... oh dear lord i turned so red and was so embarrased but Yes i did say that he didnt lie .....
She Will never speak to me again

Kids say the most bizarre things at times...
My wife and daughter were in a taxi back in Australia one time, and my daughter turned to my wife and said "Mum that Indan man is smelly" My wife said the man did have man B.O, but it had nothing to do with him being Indian.
The funniest part was, they had only just jumped in the cab at the time... they still had the whole ride home.

Ya I will go with freshman year at high school in the gym during orientation I am sitting there and something hits me in the back of the head. It is a piece of gum and then next hour pretty much sucked. I had to deal with a lot of laughs from behind and then trying to get it out of my hair once I left. Not a great start to highschool.

Yeah, that would be a terrible start to highschool.

The most embressing moment for me is "The internet link is down in a SM torunament before choosing my deck". I believe a lot of people face this embrassing moment.

once at my school library, i had to fart very hard..
i thought that it would be silent one but it came to be a long slow whistle...

and then everyone else along with my girlfriend was looking at me...

tagging @roshne

I was once at the market with my wife and a friend it was about 5 am and barely any people were there. I could feel a fart brewing and decided to cock my leg and let it rip.... I looked over my shoulder expecting to see my wife and my friend just behind me breathing in my poo particles... and to my horror, there was a little old man right behind me staring at me in disgust, quickly moving to the side as if he was in the path of an oncoming truck.

I could see my wife and friend stopped at a stall behind the man, they had seen me cock my leg and knew what was coming, so they had stopped and pretended like they were not even with me.

well that's now much funny....
ha ha

My worse embarrassing in my life is to act like a professional. PEACE!

Yes it looks like that @philippekiene.

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When I was a child, enough little. The parents left me home with coloring book.
And I was thinking that I must complete it whole - and it will be the case them to return.
It was a tough task for me, even I was slightly cryin' in the middle of the drawing...

Of course that was not the case, but my parents came somewhere after I have finished it.