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The latest Season of Splinterlands was quite interesting for me as it seemed that it was somewhat less intense from previous ones until the last 24 hours when things got somewhat crazy as the incentive to climb the leaderboards was huge as many players realized that Top 50 placements would still get Beta booster packs although they had recently sold out from the Splinterlands market early in the Season. With Beta Booster packs averaging over the original $2 retail price on the secondary market, it was not only a great way to get some of the Beta cards needed for our Collections, but also a way to potentially get some rewards worth more than the usual.

I took advantage of what seemed to be a less competitive Season as I was able to be in the Top 50 for most of the Season with my best placement at 13th very early in the Season. I was on a roll in being able to get winning streaks which helped me climb the leaderboards relatively quickly. It also helped that I got Daily Quests mostly related to strong Splinters in Champions Division like Earth and Life which let me not sacrifice any ranked points while completing Quests during the Season. It was also pretty rewarding as I got a couple of Legendary Reward Edition cards including my first Gold Foil which happened to be a Black Dragon!

Black Dragon GF.png

While not the best Legendary card, still a great addition to the Collection as is not only is worth a good amount of Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) but it also adds an additional card to use for the valuable Gold Foil tournaments which are becoming more difficult to place in as more players are accumulating very strong Gold Foil cards in their Collections. My second account @splintergolds continue to accumulate good DEC although not very strong for tourneys but always a good alternative way to add to the earnings and Collection by playing.

With less than 12 hours left in the Season, I was still placed 54th so I went to the office prepared to play and grind for a top 50 placement. However, when I signed on with four hours left, I was down to 70th and although it was less than 100 ranked points away, the competition was tough to get any significant progress as maxed level Collections were playing very actively for a spot. Even those already in the Top 50 seemed to continue playing for a higher spot for more Beta Booster packs. Unable to win more than two battles in a row for about an hour and staying above Top 50, I decided to get back to work and call it a Season!

Champion Rewards 10-15-19.png

However, achieving Champion Division I again this Season gave me 150 Reward Edition cards to look forward to revealing. Given the recent additions to the available cards, I was looking forward to adding to my Collection in efforts to continue strengthening my teams in battles. I decided not to purchase any Potions in order to save them for future packs I want to open and because I realized that the Legendary Gold Foil came without even having the Potions active! It came out to be another great pull this Season as I got one of the most desired cards these days, a Gold Foil Furious Chicken!

Furious Chicken.png

With a zero mana to fill in a spot for low mana battles, having a Gold Foil option for the team is great as it provides a bonus for DEC earned in battles in which it is used. I recall seeing this card selling for as high as $30 when initially released although it has come down to more reasonable prices recently. This was the highlight of my Reward cards although I was also happy to get some cards I needed to also fully max level another Reward Edition card or two. I still active seek these cards as there are still a couple of very useful and powerful cards I still need to achieve maximum level with. While I have been tempted to buy them, I have remained patient as they should eventually come to save the DEC or Steem for.

ECR 10-15-19.png

The end of another Season also brought another destruction of my Energy Capture Rate (ECR) as the last 12 hours was very active as I tried to sneak into the Top 50. I am trying to capture as much DEC at every opportunity I get as the Potions continue to be very valuable and as we get closer to the release of the Untamed Booster packs. I plan on opening at least 1,000 packs with Potions active to get a good amount of Gold Foils and Legendaries for that set of cards. That will mean I need about 450k DEC to achieve this although there is a special Kickstarter quest which will give these Potions as well! Also, DEC has recently fallen in price so I may actually look to pick some up here for the long term as well. The game continues to find ways to make a great economy for its community and is getting more interesting every Season!

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I was still placed 54th so 'I went to the office prepared to play' and grind for a top 50 placement.

Always great when you can get paid to play. Hope this boss doesn't read this blog!

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