#26 Contest – Goblin Mech + SBI !

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Welcome, it is my pleasure to offer you another draw today, this time:

1 Goblin Mech Splinterlands Reward Card + 1 SBI share.


Post as reply a sentence or quotation about the subject:


Please, If your comment is a quote, indicate the author of the original.

Bonus: The most witty answers will have additional SBI awards!

Good luck to everyone!


This is a @contestkings giveaway. You do not need to upvote, re-steem, or follow me. But if I do, I will be happy and can increase the amount of prizes more and more.
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great job !

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Getting to Gold 1 with level 1 cards would/should be an achievement. :-)

Well I reached Silver, does that count?

Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.

-Winston Churchill


"No one achieved anything by being lazy."

  • me

“Grandes realizações são possíveis quando se dá importância aos pequenos começos.”



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very nice !

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good luck !

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good work !

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Good Luck everyone

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Very happy with my Steemit achievement's this year looking to try and aim for higher.

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