Splinterlands Visual Update

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You can see that we've added some text when hovering over abilities. You can now see what the abilities do on the card screen and in the battle screen. The battle screen also shows what buffs/debuffs the monsters are currently getting.

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greetoings, @aggroed

excelent work, man


It looks amazing and is so cool to read all the abilities working during battle! Nice one!!Love it!

logo_untamed_1200 (720px, 12fps).gif

But it will be good to add the Summoners Bufs/Debufs 'cos there are also affect on the Monsters Battle stats

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Nice update. I am dying for more filter options, chiefly a filter for cards that have not been combined yet. 🤔🤔

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I am thinking more towards ingame filter options, maybe even a possibility to star cards as favorites or add tags to them to create custom filters

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Loving this update, its really going to make it easier for noobs to understand what the various cards do. Took me a while to figure it out myself lol Now all we need is the mobile app and we're ready to rock it

GOOD! And i would suggest going over to Gods Unchained and look at some of the good design ideas they're doing.

but again great change. Keep doing changes that make this game easier to a new user, you guys need to get more new users and this will help.

What about some visual updates for Steem-Engine? It's kind of part of the game too.

I think in the future it will be a very good place to sell themed skins and so on.

Yes boss, when will SE look and feel like it was created in the 21st century? And is all of your content a commercial? Well, there was the double rainbow.. In the real world people pay to advertise their products but you're happy as a pig in shit to scrape your meager rewards to sell your products to an already existing user base that I can only assume is nearing it's ceiling..

That's all good, there is nothing saying you can't do what your doing. But, getting butthurt and calling people morons, bitches, etc. for not agreeing with your concepts of steem only rewarding devs and witnesses that are also attempting to sell their products is absurd. And I see you haven't replied to my post I created in honour of you calling me a bitch, nor have you responded to my doubts that you have the balls to run your mouth to my face in BKK if you happen to be there..

Awesome update, I love it!! You guys are doing a fantastic job, keep up the great work! I cant wait for the Untamed packs to come out!!❤👍👹

Nice updates that will help newbies players a great deal.

It I a great update especially for beginners like me that wrote them out somewhere and keep checking what i wrote down with the choice I want to me. 😂👍

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Finally! :) not having the description of abilities hover, has been the most annoying thing for me in this game

Great update ! Keep the good work guys !

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We needed this. Good job!

Thank you for update.

Hi, @aggroed!

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wow i would like to have such cards too

This looks pretty cool. I keep telling myself I need to buy some of these, just feels a little like I already missed the boat.