Splinterlands 1 MILLION DEC Kickstarter Ending Tournament Recap!

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Hello everyone! The Splinterlands 1 million DEC tournament has just taken place and it was an amazing tournament for sure! A Big huge shout out CONGRATULATIONS!!!! To my fellow Splinterlands team member as well as Immortal Gods Guild Mate to me @byzantinekitty What a great tournament you have won! This is so exciting! 100K DEC! Wow! Coming in at 2nd was @th12-pura and 3rd @th12-diablo. I was knocked out in the second round by th12-pura! It is hard to play those leagues, they are very skilled players, to say the least!
Congratulations to everyone who placed in this tournament!

We have JUST HOURS left now until 9:11 PM EST until the Splinterlands Kickstarter and Fundition End! Get in on it while you can HERE

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Have a great day in Splinterlands everyone!

I wish you luck in your battles and daily quest rewards!

I will see you all on the battlefield!

May the Monsters be with you.

Chris Love @clove71
Splinterlands Rep

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Hello clove!

It's me, byzantinist (a.k.a. b-kitty)! Great article and fantastic video!

For the first game of the finals, I thought th12-pura's placement of the Lord Arianthus was bizarre. I get that he was worried about Target Practice but I would have gone with:
Paladin Feral Cutthroat Arianthus Angel Ooze
Paladin Feral Cutthroat Ooze Arianthus Angel

In Game 2, I thought Valnamor was an odd choice with only two Magic using monsters. Maybe something like:
Turtle Medusa Genie Pixie Archer Chicken
would have made more sense with Valnamor. With the lineup that was used (including Electric Eels), I would have used Alric or Xia instead.

While Plado does provide +1 melee and +1 speed, it's actually his -1 health that is most useful for Fire, combined with Phoenix Blast (in higher mana games you can also throw in Goblin Shaman for weakness). That's what allowed me to one shot the Armorsmith and Feral Spirit. Their 3 health was reduced to 2 so that a single blast would kill them. And it meant I could kill the Paladin in two shots.

You are an awesome player, to say the least!

Darn it, I missed this one! I’ll get into the next one 🤑

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Yes! Lots of big tourneys on the weekends too! This one was huge! I came in 242 place! LOL! I am awful at Silver league, LOL! I need my maxed cards hahaha!!!

greetings, dear and honey @clove71

This tournament was really great. Unfortunately, I lost in the first match, qualifying !!! I was crushed by the opponent hehehe

Thank you and good night

It was great and I was out in the second round by th12-pura, LOL! At least they went on to win 2nd place haha!!

@clove71, Good luck next time. Definitely this is reflecting as best contest to the date with this kind of Mega Reward. Splinterlands is raining the "Rewards".

Have a pleasant time ahead and stay blessed.

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