3 years on Steem and the The Gratitude Challenge!

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This morning I asked Bianca to lend me her Fitbit because I wanted to test out Actifit properly in the gym today before I go live on the radio to interview @mcfarhat about it.

If you told me 3 years ago I would have a live radio show I would have called you crazy.

But here we are. Tonight it's going to happen and it's because of the connections I made on Steem.

When I arrived on Steem 3 years ago I had some experience with blockchain and crypto but absolutely zero when it came to social media.

I was always shy and unwilling to share much of my life on Facebook, Instagram or any of the others.

lol, how that changed.

3 years ago Steem was just a blogging platform in the form of the first Application ever build on Steem called Steemit.com.

I made an account (#21,960), bought some Steem and wrote my first post.

Screenshot 2019-07-15 at 08.02.14.png

I remember it like it was yesterday.

My post was about whether Steem could be the gateway to finally get my girlfriend (Bianca) interested in crypto.

I posted it and that night Bianca and I went out for Greek food.

When we came back I went to my computer and checked out my article.

I think it made $50 right then and there.

I could not believe it. The feeling of happiness out of this world.

But then....then the grind started.

After that article, I wrote another one...it didn't do so well.

It made 10 cents.

Then I wrote another one.

It made 0 cents.

Then more 0 cents and more of them...

Something went terribly wrong and I couldn't really figure it out what it was.

I checked the trending page and people were making thousands.

In hindsight, I know why. But back then clueless...

I went to Steemfest 1 in Amsterdam. The first big meetup ever organized by @roelandp.

It would turn out to be a life-changer for me.

It did a world of good to me to see 200 people with the same crypto interest as I had.

Back then my crypto journey was lonely, nobody understood what I was doing.

Steemfest 1 made me realize this was real.

I also met a lifetime friend on Steemfest 1 in @ezzy.

We still talk almost daily about life and crypto.


@ezzy and I, Steemfest 1, Amsterdam 2016

After Steemfest 1 my real journey began.

I decided to make Steem my second job.

I would dedicate time to Steem every single day besides working my other job.

It drove people mad.

My dad laughed at my 50 cents stories and the amount of time I spend on it.

It inspired Bianca at some point to write to me on Steemit

To my boyfriend who loves Steemit away too much.

I guess it did 'reel' me in a little bit.

But I didn't make me stop. I was dedicated.

Lesson 1: In general people will want to slow you down when you do something different, can sadly also be loved ones. Keep going.

When the first downtrend happened on Steem. I saw an opportunity.

Lot's of people started to leave Steem and calling it shit.

Steemians that were given thousands in STEEM started to sell and run for the exit.

I started to buy that Steem and continued to create.

It got noticed. My blogs even though they were making less in dollar value were making more STEEM.

Lesson 2: Keep going when others quit.

I made another good decision.

I got sick and tired of looking for thumbnail pictures for my articles.

I thought about something I could easily use over and over again and I would always have with me.

I started to use selfies as thumbnails.

Since then I have literary bombarded Steem with my face. Every single day for the last 2 years.

It's been laughed at, it's been hated, it's been recognized, it's been all sort of things.

But without me knowing I was doing it, it became my brand.

Grilling, Beer, Big Green Egg, Friends, Happiness, Investing, Steem, Good times, Family, good Steemian, bad Steemian all connected to that face.

I then took it to the next level.

I decided to start vlogging after Craig Grant left. There was a void.

Every single day I would vlog, every single day about Steem.

Nobody was doing it back then.

It was a good move even though I was terrible at it at the start.

But it is what I am now best known for.

Lesson 3: Never stop innovating yourself, try new things.

My daily vlogging period was my best year on Steem.

Then Steem started to gain traction.

Better content creators started to show up and Apps much bigger than any single content creator where developed.

I always knew where I would end up in this new Steem world.

My role would become different, more of a background figure trying to build Steem and invest rather than create content.

We are not there yet, but it's going to happen. The early signs are already here.

My behavior on Steem has changed over time.

My total dedication to content creation has subsided a bit already. I think my insights about Steem are still decent and needed but some of my other posts Steem can probably do without.

HF 21 and the new Economic rules will accelerate this process.

And it will be a good thing.

Currently, almost nobody understands Steem and where it's going. I believe I do.

Steem will power a complete social-economic ecosystem and STEEM will be it's most valuable token.

These are the final days of cheap STEEM and once more almost nobody believes me.

Steem is once again called shit. I have seen it before.

Lesson 4: When it comes to investing, do your own research, don't listen to the masses.

I know Steem in and out. I know a lot of dedicated people here. I know almost all the apps.

Once the word gets out what's being built here. O man...you better be on board.

3 years on Steem almost feels like a lifetime. But in the end, it's only 3 years. It's nothing.

The gratitude challenge.

@theycallmedan asked me to join the gratitude challenge.

It's easy. The thing I'm most grateful for on Steem is how it changed me as a person. I changed myself here from a shy nonconfident boy to a man that can stand his ground. Someone that believes in himself and is capable of making his own decisions.

I've learned that there are plenty of people in this life that are full of shit and will fill your head with utter shite and it makes me wish there was a real-life MUTE button that I could enable at times.

I've learned what true builders look like and how they act. I like to be surrounded by these people and learn from them.

I've met true builders from all over the world on 3 different Steemfests and it's been inspirational to have met these people in real life and talk to them.

I've made lifetime friends on Steem. My friend and true Steemian @ezzy I visit more than once a year and talk to almost daily.

Financially Steem gave me a lot. I've been free for the last two years. Again, by listening to myself when the euphoria of crypto was at its peak. Taking some profits at the heights was the right move.

Steem is a journey into self-discovery. It's just as hard to make it here as anywhere else in life. All the work has to be done by yourself. But every brick you put down to build a foundation for yourself HERE feels fantastic because this is a blockchain and you own everything that you do here.

I started as a content creator with ZERO STEEM 3 years ago just like anyone else that makes a new account here.

Now I own over 200k STEEM. I earned it, I bought it, I grinded for it, I took all the risk, I never sold any of my SP.

I'm a high-level Splinterlands (card game built on Steem), player. With a collection worth over 10k and the owner of a lot of DEC tokens.

I'm invested in Steemhunt. A product hunt platform built on Steem that is about to launch their new platform review hunt which will take it to the next level.

I'm invested in ENG on Steem-Engine and the different communities it empowers.

I'll soon be invested heavily in Dporn. The first community that will reward content creators for adult content. Something that does not exist in the world yet and has every possibility to become huge.

I know about all these things and opportunities because I dedicated the last 3 years of life to Steem.

I also know Steem will be able to handle all of it because it solved the scaling issue already something many blockchains will still have to face.

I know everything about Steem and soon the world will know it too. Because this place is real and it's being built on every single day.

That's what I'm grateful for. That's what's Steem is to me.

I challenge: @ezzy, @rea, @meesterboom. #GratitudeChallenge

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Congratulations @exyle on your Steemit journey......with its ups and downs...what a ride....right?

Enjoyed reading about your adventure. ^__^

Yes....anyone still here....has a story to tell...hehe.

It takes the three D's to succeed.....here or anywhere....


....might one add Self-discipline....which you have displayed in Spades!

All the best.


Phenomenal post and journey you've had on STEEM. I've been privileged enough to watch it from the very beginning and consider it one of the most awesome things I've ever seen.

The steadfast belief, ignoring the naysayers and sticking to your goals. That mindset is "pure gold" on here and a surefire key to success.

Keep pushing higher, man. Never stop and always strive to improve. STEEM needs more people like yourself here. And I can already see that happening. :)

Hey man! Thanks so much for the friendship and thanks for the endless talks, the old school gaming, the meetups, the fun. All of it. Hoping for many more years of it on chain and off chain :)

A great and motivating story you have here @exyle. Happy third anniversary on Steem.

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I love the tales of the early grind. Those parts earning zero cents were a killer!!

Selfies as thumbnails rawk. I can't imagine doing a post without one, apart from my beery ones on a Saturday. Then it's her pics which are just as good! Happy steemiversary!

The challenge is accepted!

I love them too, those stories! And I know you remember all the history of this place as a person that never left and always worked hard. and Thanks! It's a special day.

After that article, I wrote another one...it didn't do so well.

It made 10 cents.

Then I wrote another one.

It made 0 cents.

It gives some perspective to know that your start was the same as with anyone else; putting the best on the first post, getting heftily rewarded, but then facing the fact that a good introduction itself doesn't carry to good future payouts. It's a long grind, like you said, but it becomes much more pleasant if you manage to find a suitable corner on the Steemverse with the right kind of people. And Steemfest is an excellent way to get closer to the community! One of the best single things I've ever done, joining the one in Krakow!

Congrats. It is a nice story. Nice to meet you :)
Let me end my comment with a quote:
“Our writing tools are also working on our thoughts”
by Nietzsche

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Very nice quote, although I had to spend some time reading about it to understand it. It's 100% true.

Congrats! @exyle! According to steemd, I am 1+ hour older than you! Haha~~~~ what a coincidence!

I still remember a post from you, but not in details ... It was about your Dad, he was an engineer in Apple? You found him something and he was happy ... something like that...

Thanks, man! And what a good memory! My dad sold Apple computers as one of the first to do so in the Netherlands. People thought him a fool. He proved them all wrong.

sounds like what you have been doing here. :)

Great post! My friends make fun of me too about the 2 cents rewards of my posts. They got a little surprised when I started receiving a few curie votes on my steemmonsters stories worthing a lot more. And looking back a bit over a year... I'm close to reach my first 1000 Sp from scratch! Ps. Still don't have a killer steemmonsters deck... but working hard on it! 😉

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It's cool right once you see your hard work coming together. Congrats on a 1000SP from scratch, that's not easy!

Thanks! It sure is cool, curious to see how I'll fare in a few more months 😉

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Congratulations on your 3 years anniversary bro. #Steem on

Very heartfelt and an amazing Steem testimony! Thank you so much for sharing your story, Exyle. Cheers!

Thanks, Dan!

Happy Steem anniversary. Looks like we joined Steem on the same day 3 years ago. The price back then was 4$, right now it is 0.25$, boy oh boy something ain't right. HF21 needs to happen ASAP!

Thanks! I know the price was $4 when I joined. I bought some, auch! But in hindsight, it was way overvalued in July 2016 because in November 2016 it was already down to 9 cents. But 9 cents seems to me like a much more realistic value in hindsight for what it was back then. I'm also looking forward to the HF.

Congrats on the 3 years! I'm still working on that milestone myself. I have been meaning to ask you....how did you delegate Pal and where and why?

Thanks, man!

To delegated press the 'lock' button on Steem-Engine.

Screenshot 2019-07-16 at 08.13.45.png

Ahhhhhhh love these walks down memory lane man. Even though I am only about 20 months into STEEM, reading these posts feels like I've been here a lot longer.

Great way to start the work week and getting fired up even more about this blockchain...

I'm loving all these communities building on Steem Engine. Pretty slick to wake up every day and have a bunch of different tokens to claim...And I think this is just the beginning.

Every day fired up man! I know you are a builder through and through. Keep it up!

Thanks for the details of an inspiring journey! These are the stories that encourage me to continue building and actively engage to remain consistent and show up everyday. I have seen the benefits of it and remain patient for the ecosystem to leverage its full potential and create value! Thanks for sharing!

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Hell yes my man!!!
I've been follow for about the last year.
But what you say is true....Steem has opened doors that I, myself could have never seen two years ago.
Keep it up! One day, I will meet you at a steemfest. :)

Now I own over 200k STEEM. I earned it, I bought it, I grinded for it, I took all the risk, I never sold any of my SP.
Here you said it - "I never sold any of my SP"
yeah this is why you have this success story than people who went panic with previous price drops! Congratz and wish to hear more success story next year too!


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3 Years is such a long time, but when we make decisions like this it really helps us understand how incredible life can be! (especially after that first post :D)

You have been an inspiration for many here.

Great post! I love your reminiscences of the early days. You are my inspiration and I know that when I am seeing negative posts and comments I can come to you for an upbeat post and get motivated again. Looking forward to the radio show!

Thank you!

your journey on steem should be used to advice and also talk to people who are about to join steemit and I will try and make a steemit book and your post will be in it. Is an inspirational post I really love it. Thank you @exyle for the write up because that is what I am going through and so as others and I think when someone reads this it will inspire the person more to do alot of work. I will start vlog on steemit. I use to feel shy on camera so I dont like doing vlog but I will start from now.

I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to use the same selfie tactic with my blog. I'm going to credit you in my next post 👏

Haha, no problem, go ahead :)

Wow, I've never seen you write so many words :D Not saying it never happened, just I never saw a lengthy post from you like this one.

Great read Exyle, Steem has many faults but in the end it's magnificent. Code is one thing, but what it does for people is even more spectacular.

I used to write longer articles in the past. I felt like it today. Sometimes it just flows!

Three years and what a remarkable journey you had @exyle many congratulations on this achievement this is just a start steem on : )

Yeah I know I must post everyday and stream everyday I know but I need a setup that I can use everywhere. I have enaugh topics. And had a new one since the leaving of the polish woman but sometimes it is easier to say then to do or it is oh wait... ok I will. But my bar 3x2 posts and 3 games plus other vids it's like a day job.

I have calculated 24 hours a day minus 7 hours and 10 hours away from home is minus 1 hour for personal hygiene is 6 hours that I have left. A day to stream post etc. If you think about that .... I have a day job's time to do what I do. 😅

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Very great post, congratulations. You have inspired a lot of people on this platform. Well done.

Hey @exyle, thanks for the challenge! Your Steem journey brought back a lot of memories and talking about the old times when our articles making a couple of cents, haha! Lovely writeup and good luck on your Radio Show tonight!!

Thanks, @rea!

What a great journey you have here, @exyle! Posts like this inject more confidence into whoever has decided to stay here and thrive.

Very inspiring, congrats!

I'm on my way to get to Australia (it's a big challenge, because I'm from Brazil) and I have a lot to thank Steem / Steemit (as well as all the users who support me so far). It has been a crazy and exciting ride, haha!

So, I've also wrote a post... Here is the link in case you want to read it:

What has Steem done for you?

Such a great post from the beginning till end. Congratulations for 3 amazing years in this wonderful platform.

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Congrats with your Steem birthday🎉

Cool to read how you started back in the days and recognizing a lot while reading about your first steps on the platform, meeting others and so on.

Totally agree with you that Steem is still growing and more and more cool projects keep popping up😎👍

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Thanks! And it's only just beginning.

We are in the class of 2016 Steemians! July, 25th , 2016 I'll be here 3 years.
What a journey my friend!

An awesome journey, man!

your journey of steem inspire me more then any content.
you are winer bc you have Patience for every work.

i am happy to read you journey of steem.

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Oh, yes! I cam two years ago when it was sort of low but then boomed - then crashed.

The mass exodus alarmed me, but, I stayed. I was there with the $0 payouts, so it wasn't going to hurt with a dollar or two. I was glad I weathered the storm and even though many are leaving, I'm not.

They need people to stay and hold down the fort until the upturn. And then, they will all come back.

Great story!!! And yes! Happy steemiversary!

!tip (don't spend it all in one place!)

Thank you!

My pleasure!

@exyle, If i want to say one line about your Steem Journey then in my opinion definitely it's like Dust turned into gold and by that i mean, your starting journey was rough but your dedication and discipline pushed you on effective position. Stay blessed brother.

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great catchup post man! best of luck with the stream tonight. i'm sure it's gonna be awesome. i love the fact that you said it's brought about a confidence in you. that's awesome. i totally get what you mean about that.

The confidence is something I'm extremely grateful for. That feeling alone combined with a positive mindset changes everything.

yeah for real. positivity based on fact rather than feeling thou. sometimes my gut instincts means that i have to wait a little while to see things play out.

Congrats ! 💙

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I remember the first time I've seen your selfie here! back in 2018 Immediately I understood you will be big on Steem. And here you are! The new and honest Jerry Banfield that Steem needs. Your face is Steem Face.

Haha, I'll be happy just being me :)

I never get bored of reading Steem stories, and yours is a good one.

That post though man that Bianca wrote, just checked it again. Brought back some memories for sure.

Thanks, man! And yes, it does bring back memories indeed! History man, not many will remember the old days going forward.

You. 3 years.
Me. Not even 1.
You have seen this before. I have not.
But we do have something in common. The feels for steem. I think I can relate when you say "listening to masses". I believe in steem and want to keep believing. But being surrounded by so much negativity really starts cracking me. This is the kind of post I have been subconsciously looking for. Thank you.
Congratulations on your 3rd year.

I did learn of you from your vlogs. But man are you written articles just as filling!

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Lot's of people started to leave Steem and calling it shit.

I guess this never gets old

Happy STEEM Anniversary Mark @exyle You inspire me Everyday and I am Grateful that You did This Post to Remind Me Why We Should NEVER Give Up............
I Can't Ever Give UP I Still Have to Build my Steemmonsters to Compete with You in the Future..............

great words exyle!

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Oh wow, congrats @exyle to three Years on steemit ! I also just celebrated 3 days ago, 3 years on Steemit , July 13 / 2016 is when I joined! heres my link if you want to check it out:
Its been one hell of a roller coaster ride and I think the next 4 years to come are going to best years to come thanks to Steem-Engine and all the new tribes!! Best of luck to you , its going to be EPIC!! One day I will see you on the Moon!!👍👍👍😎 #palnet #steemleo
Upped and Resteemed

A REALLY great post that each Steemian should read in my thought !

I want to thanks you for the so positives feelings you're sharing with us man ! I can say that for me I feel the impact of your writings and thoughts !

Bookmarked for future hard times (buying areas ? ;-))

Enjoy your Day !

I wish I was able to attend some of the live events that allow you to put a face to some of the people that you are following (or not) on Steem. I think it would have been much easier for me to grow if I had that kind of interaction like you folks do over in Europe. Not having that over here has made it pretty difficult to grow the way that I would have hoped.

Congratulations @exyle!
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hi. @exyle. your experience is very motivating

Nice, so when are you going to interview me on the live radio, I'm sure they would love that? jk #whenhellfreezesover!
However it is good you are becoming more active, will help with the thinking! I'm starting to become more active lately again too lately, helps me blog mo-betta'! lol

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