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• Model/Cosplayer @Tesmoforia; photo and edition by @Vanuzza, with a Nikon D3200 •

zombies-yougirl.gif zombies-zombiefront2.gif zombies-youboy.gif

This is my second entry for the “Gaming Contest” organized by @Archdruid, hosted by @Curie, and evaluated by @Veryspider and @Elfranz, to celebrate the Gamer times of the 90s.

For this entry, with the help of my waifu @Vanuzza, I did a “Cosplay Closet” of Julie who is the female protagonist of “Zombie ate my Neighbors”, my favorite videogame from all times.

But before we properly talk about the most loved videogame of my heart, I will briefly explain my entry’s topic and where it comes from.

« What’s "Cosplay Closet"? »

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“Cosplay Closet” is a modality of the Cosplay Art where you create a look using a character as reference (it can be from comics, sci-fi, anime, manga, videogames or overall fantasy) with what you have already on your wardrobe, aiming to look as close as you can to the chosen character.

• • •


• • •

Some people define it as a simple, easy-going and less serious way to do "Costume Play", and the term is also used as a disqualifying word/insult in the Cosplay world (for example, when you see a person who boasts about making an incredible Cosplay, but then the outfit actually has a lot of bad finishes and other process problems, you can say “It looks more like a Cosplay Closet").

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• Model/Cosplayer @Tesmoforia; photo and edition by @Vanuzza, with a Nikon D3200 •

zombies-youboy2.gif zombies-martianbubble.gif zombies-yougirl2.gif

On the other side, "Cosplay Closet" plays an important part on the “Tests”; a “Test” is when a Cosplayer isn’t completely sure if a character would look good or not in them, or they aren’t sure about investing their money and time designing a suit, and under this circumstance, they look for pre-made clothes that are similar to the character’s, and this way they are able to get a close idea of how they would probably look like.

zombies-youboy2.gif zombies-martianbubble.gif zombies-yougirl2.gif


zombies-youboy2.gif zombies-martianbubble.gif zombies-yougirl2.gif

Usually "Tests" are only make-up and hair styling, but combined to "Cosplay Closet" and a bit of digital edition, you can get more precisely and consistent results in order to know if you can interpret or not a character in a successful way.

zombies-youboy2.gif zombies-martianbubble.gif zombies-yougirl2.gif


• Model/Cosplayer @Tesmoforia; photo and edition by @Vanuzza, with a Nikon D3200 •

zombies-youboy2.gif zombies-martianbubble.gif zombies-yougirl2.gif

“Cosplay Closet” is a recurrent activity between amateurs, and a frequent one between “professionals” to wisely decide in which projects invest their time and effort.

“Zombie ate my Neighbors (1993-1994)”

zombies-doll2.gif zombies-mushroom2.gif zombies-blob2.gif zombies-doppleganger.gif zombies-fishy6.gif zombies-frankenfront.gif zombies-maniac2.gif zombies-martian.gif zombies-mummyfront.gif zombies-tentacle.gif zombies-vampirebats4.gif zombies-wolffront.gif zombies-antfront.gif zombies-bogeyman.gif zombies-spider.gif zombies-fire.gif

• “Zombie ate my Neighbors” is, even today, my N° 1 game in my list of indispensable tittles •

zombies-doll2.gif zombies-mushroom2.gif zombies-blob2.gif zombies-doppleganger.gif zombies-fishy6.gif zombies-frankenfront.gif zombies-maniac2.gif zombies-martian.gif zombies-mummyfront.gif zombies-tentacle.gif zombies-vampirebats4.gif zombies-wolffront.gif zombies-antfront.gif zombies-bogeyman.gif zombies-spider.gif zombies-fire.gif

This precious cartridge arrived to my hands between 1996 and 1997 (I was barely 6/7 years old), and I can completely affirm that there isn’t any single thing I dislike in this game, I love everything!, I had never gotten bored of playing it over and over again, and I don’t think a day where I get tired of its levels will ever arrive.

zombies-victimbaby.gif zombies-victimteacher.gif zombies-victimcheerleader.gif zombies-victimtourist.gif zombies-victimdog.gif

• All my feelings in one single image •

zombies-victimbaby.gif zombies-victimteacher.gif zombies-victimcheerleader.gif zombies-victimtourist.gif zombies-victimdog.gif

• Don’t press START without getting comfortable in your chair •

zombies-victimbaby.gif zombies-victimteacher.gif zombies-victimcheerleader.gif zombies-victimtourist.gif zombies-victimdog.gif

I owe a lot of happy childhood moments to this game, and it was the game who almost miraculously (along "Contra III" and "Metal Slug" ) helped my brother and me to get along in a better way, since we would fight a lot when we were children (knife battling to death), but sitting down in front of the SNES and choosing this cartridge, guide us to share and be more considered with each other, willingly and without needing "THE CHANCLA" of our grandma as fair intermediary and pacifier.

How did it happen?, well, "Zombie ate my Neighbors" is an exceptionally difficult game, getting across the levels requires a constant process of trial and error, where both players shall wisely share the items in order to protect and support each other (in this game, being selfish with your teammate only leads to a miserable death sooner than later).

We understood that if we wished to advance in the game, we needed to be synchronized (and well equipped!)

« Let’s talk a little about "ZAMN" »

zombies-zombiefront2.gif zombies-beast2.gif zombies-zombiefront2.gif

• Unexpected and Exciting •

zombies-zombiefront2.gif zombies-beast2.gif zombies-zombiefront2.gif

From the intro to the character selection, the game offers a little taste of the tone it has:

• • •

zombies-doll2.gif It’s a Horror Game, colorful and sometimes exagerated, but above all it’s super fun zombies-doll2.gif

• • •

This is a cooperative game, where each protagonist is individually controlled by each player, so it will be better to be synchronized or at least run in the same direction while you go (with a lot of panic) through the map.

The protagonists are Zeke and Julie (who as Wikipedia says, are siblings), they are going to be your avatars across each level with the mission of saving the victims (who are totally oblivious of their current situation until the imminent death is right in front of them) of each scenery; these people are usually in places difficult to reach and don’t change location, they don’t run or move from their places (is good to warn that when they die, you will notice it by hearing a horrible scream, don’t feel bad if the scream makes you jump out of your chair).

And as you shall be assuming, if most of the victims are killed on a level, it’s Game Over.

zombies-zombiefront2.gif zombies-beast2.gif zombies-zombiefront2.gif

• An effective strategy is acting like a bait for the monsters, and taking them away quickly from the survivors •

zombies-zombiefront2.gif zombies-beast2.gif zombies-zombiefront2.gif

Many are the types of monsters that will be presented to you and the difficulty of each level will depend on them, since it would be almost impossible to get away from them while you go through each labyrinthine scenario; sometimes monsters will be slow, and some others will be too fast, some are very resistant and others even more resistant to be killed.


Once you rescue (or lose) all the victims in a level, a dimensional door will open to take you to the next scenario. The more victims you rescue, the higher your score will be, and those points will become in especial Bonuses and extra lives (lives that will be much needed, since there weren’t continues or "saving game" in the original "ZAMN").


Controls are very intuitive, and your life will depend on 2 kinds of objects: Weapons, and utility objects, like first aid kits to restore life, antidotes to get invulnerable, potions to transform into a Furry Purple Hulk, or even opening "little Pandora’s boxes" to save yourself whenever you are totally surrounded.

zombies-snakeoid2.gif zombies-snakeoid3.gif zombies-snakeoid5.gif

Something that it’s really addictive of the game is how many kinds of weapons and items there are in order to defend and support. The more you progress, the more kinds of weapons you will accumulate, some of those are only available in specific settings and there’s only 1 of their kind. None is infinite, and they need to be recharged frequently.


Also, the effectiveness of each weapon is different for each monster. For example, Werewolves are weak against the silverware, Martians to the tomatoes, and the insane people with chainsaw, to the fire extinguisher and bazookas.

« Succulent Technical Details »

zombies-zombiefront2.gif zombies-beast2.gif zombies-zombiefront2.gif

• Can´t touch this •

zombies-zombiefront2.gif zombies-beast2.gif zombies-zombiefront2.gif

"Zombies Ate my Neighbors" is a game that has counted with several releases (6 in total) with versions for Sega Mega Drive de Sega (September 24th, 1993), Super NES of Nintendo (September 24th, 1993) and now it’s also available in the Wii Store (October 26th, 2009).

Developed, produced and directed by Lucas Arts, it was originally published by Konami, as a comical tribute to the horror and cult movies between 1950, and 1980

zombies-drtongue4.gif zombies-drtongue6.gif zombies-drtongue8.gif zombies-drtongue10.gif

The music of the game (composed by George Alistair Sanger ) is, to my sincere opinion, especially noticeable: Each tune is fun, a bit hilarious, but always as a reference to the B-class movies, with sound effects that make each one of them into something unforgettable.

zombies-zombiefront2.gif zombies-beast2.gif zombies-zombiefront2.gif

• Some are quite dark, and others are perfect for a demential party •

« More than 50 levels to get scared, stressed and love a lot »

zombies-zombiefront2.gif zombies-beast2.gif zombies-zombiefront2.gif

• The doggy’s death feels so sad •

zombies-zombiefront2.gif zombies-beast2.gif zombies-zombiefront2.gif

One of the many points that transform this tittle into a jewel is how all the names of the levels are references or ingenious parodies that can be recognized and enjoyed with even the slightest knowledge.

  1. Zombie Panic (Bonus Level: Day of the Tentacle)
  2. Evening of the Undead
  3. Terror in Aisle Five
  4. Lumberjack Hedgemaze Mayhem
  5. Weird Kids on the Block
  6. Pyramid of Fear
  7. Dr. Tongue's Castle of Terror
  8. Titanic Toddler
  9. Toxic Terrors (Bonus Level: Mushroom Men)
  10. No Assembly Required
  11. Weeds Gone Bad
  12. Mars Needs Cheerleaders (Bonus Level: Cheerleaders Versus the Monsters)
  13. Chopping Mall
  14. Seven Meals for Seven Zombies
  15. Dinner on Monster Island
  16. Ants
  17. Office of the Doomed (Bonus Level: Someplace Very Warm)
  18. Squidmen of the Deep
  19. Nightmare on Terror Street
  20. Invasion of the Snakeoids
  21. The Day the Earth Ran Away
  22. Revenge of Dr. Tongue (Bonus Level: The Son of Dr. Tongue)
  23. The Caves of Mystery
  24. Warehouse of the Evil Dolls
  25. Look Who's Shopping
  26. Where the Red Fern Growls
  27. Dances With Werewolves
  28. Mark of the Vampire
  29. Zombie House Party
  30. The Horror of Floor Thirteen
  31. Look Who's Coming to Dinner
  32. Giant Ant Farm
  33. Fish and Crypts (Bonus Level: Curse of the Pharaohs)
  34. I Was a Chainsaw Maniac
  35. Boardwalk of Terrors
  36. Monster Phobia
  37. Labyrinth of Horrors
  38. Monsters of the Blue Lagoon
  39. Destroy All Vampires
  40. Pyramid of Fear Two
  41. Martians Go Home!
  42. Spikes
  43. Super Fund Cleanup Site
  44. The Curse of Dr. Tongue
  45. Danger in Picnic Park
  46. Day of the Chainsaw
  47. Gridiron Terror
  48. Curse of the Tongue (Credit Level: Monsters Among Us)

In total, there are around 55 levels to go through, but 6 of them are secret levels or Bonus; the last one is an especial level dedicated to the credits, with its own Boss, in which you can greet the game production team, and see the very same George Lucas.

zombies-zombiefront2.gif zombies-beast2.gif zombies-zombiefront2.gif


zombies-zombiefront2.gif zombies-beast2.gif zombies-zombiefront2.gif

Each level is totally ingenious, and with its own details, little tricks and secrets. Many times you will put a lot of you to the maximum since the very beginning so when you reach the "hell like" levels (like "Invasion of the Snakeoids" and "Destroy All Vampires") you won’t get out easily of them without just a string of life and an empty storage.

zombies-zombiefront2.gif zombies-beast2.gif zombies-zombiefront2.gif


• Those are the Test Photos without edition!, an applause please for the talented and fluffy @Vanuzza

zombies-zombiefront2.gif zombies-beast2.gif zombies-zombiefront2.gif

To finish and bringing back the topic of "Cosplay Test" of Julie, I’m very happy of doing it (originally it was going to be just a couple of selfies, and that’s why I have pants instead of shorts) cause I have experimented a rush of nostalgia, and I’m really motivated to adding it to my future Cosplays list.

It has been very refreshing to do something simple and easy-going, since all my life I have been taking Cosplay really seriously, and I’m especially critical (and even derogatory) with myself. The effect Steemit has had in my personality and self-esteem is really big (despite I’m not really sharing my Cosplay Works in here), I don’t feel the pressure that everything shall look perfect to be shown.

Thank you so much @Archdruid, @Curie, @Veryspider and @Elfranz to make this activity possible!

P.S: I know the contest was until July 14th (yesterday), but before being able to post this entry, there was an electrical power down on my zone and I went out of electricity (and zero battery on my laptop) until today; I know rules must be the same for all, but I didn’t want to simply discard this post after so much effort and love ; 7 ; please don’t scold me, I’m just a little strawberry.

zombies-drbug.gif Consulted Sources’ Credits zombies-drbug2.gif

• Bogleech.com - Giantbomb.com • - Wikipedia •

Thank you so much for Reading!

✨ 🍓 ✨ Happy, soft and creative day to All ✨ 🍓 ✨

✨ 🍃 ✨


🍓 Text and All Images’ Credit: @Tesmoforia 🍓
🍓 Translation: @Vanuzza 🍓
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You are incredible, really, @tesmoforia ! I love this entry so so so so so much * ___ *

I didnt know about the term Cosplay Closet, but I can see how it can be seen as 'casual' cosplay by some hardcore cosplayer, but still, I think your Julie photoshoot is WONDERFUL and really on point <3 @vanuzza is super lovely as Julie and your framing and edits of the photos are GREAT, SUPER GREAT <3 <3 <3

This is a game that I had not heard of until I run into this post so I feel suddenly as if I am super lucky ! Stumbled upon a piece of retro gaming that I didn't play but now I know about Zombie ate my neighbours through you XD I LOVE IT <3

Wonderful post ! Thank you so much for entering the contest * ___ * !!!!

Aaaaaaaah!!! I'm so so happy of reading you @Veryspider 💝 🎉

Vanuzza and myself are very happy that you liked the pictures, this was a completely experimental post, so we weren't sure of what to expect.

Thank you so much for being how you are, I had been a little sad and your comment enlightened my day a lot 🐰 💕

[I'm so tempted of placing some links here to download a good emulator so you can try ZAMN] 👀

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How cool is the dress! Also, the game looks attractive to distract and you explained it very well;) Regards

Hola @Iamsaray! Qué chevere verte por aquí o7o mucho gusto ~ 🌺

El juego es lo máximo y es super adictivo, actualmente hay buenos emuladores para descargar y poder jugarlo (por si te sientes motivada a probarlo), y si, la verdad es que muchas veces lo juego solo para distraerme y desestrearme un poco 👾 💦

Te contesto en español porque veo que ambas somos de Vnzla =u=)9 btw vi tu perfil y qué bellas fotos tomas; justo hoy hablaba con unas amigas de lo mucho que extrañamos poder viajar a Mérida 🌄

ehy dear @tesmoforia, great post !! I don't know about cosplay (cosa significa esattamente?) but you look like a perfect Julie to me :-))
congratulation for your curie rating

Hello @Road2horizon! It's a pleasure to meet you :D I'm so happy that you like my post! 💘

Let me explain: The term "Cosplay" comes from the combination of 2 words, "Costume" and "Play", and it's an activity which consists on representing a fictional character (they can be from movies, books, videogames, anime series, mangas), dressing and acting like them. It's a kind of art and it does have its own sub-culture, its own events and international contests (for example the worldwide Cosplay Contest is celebrated each year in Nagoya, Japan, and it's the "World Cosplay Summit"). People who do Cosplay are called "Cosplayers", and there are many who dedicate to this art in a Professional Level; it's a very extensive and super interesting world full of supplies, fantasy and performances.

And thank you so much for your congratulations! I'M SUPER EXCITED FOR THIS NEW CURIE VOTE, AAAAAAAAAAH! -runs in circles-

thanks @tesmoforia for your diligent answer and for the clear explanation. I can hear from how you write that you are a happy follower of this movement! I never heard it before, maybe we are a little old for these things? or maybe because we are not comic book fans?
I hope all the best for you :-))

I love, love, love every bit of this post, from your knowledge of cosplay culture to the very fact that you're rocking the cosplay itself, the review of the game is awesome too, I can't even believe how good your posts are, thanks for sharing!

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Nice post @tesmoforia !
This game... Oh My GOD!
I was always angry about that person swimming in the pool during zombie apocalypse! Or that teacher angry about your grades in the middle of night!
The horrible one, that baby wandering around while laughing!
And your cosplay! Thumbs UP! ♥
And I should admit you've done very well on clothes choosing and that editing part... WOW!
Good Post!
Thanks for sharing!

I only remember playing CONTRA II, but I don't even remember how it looked like. You really enjoyed the 90s

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