Actifit Report Card: March 16 2020

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Hello everybody!
Friends, we are all going through a very difficult time.
The corona virus kills a huge number of old people every day in Italy.
All the dead are immediately sent to the crematorium.
And relatives do not have the opportunity to say goodbye to their beloved parents or grandparents.

Doctors who work with patients do not have days off and time to sleep.
They are all heroes in peacetime.
This is the first time we have faced such a problem, but we must meet the most necessary requirements of our government.

Stay at home and stay inside the apartment, so as not to spread the virus.
Be very attentive to your health.
Do sports at home, you can not go to the gym now, only at home you can do sports exercises.
This will give us strength and health.
Take care of yourself!!!



I can't imagine how difficult life is there now. Best wishes to you and your family and stay safe till this is all over :-)

I thank you with all my heart. we have deserted streets here. no one can go outside, otherwise the fine is 206 euros. We can only go to the supermarket, hospital, and pharmacy.
Have a good day!