ecoTrain Question Of The Week TIE UP POST: "Why do you think so many computer games are based on extreme violence? Do you think it is healthy or unhealthy?

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Gosh! What a response from you all!!! I wasn’t expecting so many of you to write as this question is not the normal kind I ask. Its clearly a hot topic, and you all had a lot to say about it. It was good to see people speak about both sides, and you all made some amazing points. Maybe the answer for me is that in balance most things are OK, but for many kids and adults things are out of balance and then there can be some issues. I think this is a reflection on society as a whole and not gaming specifically. It is a symptom of our existence in this world, and one way of many to find escape from it. Violent gaming in particular is also a fun way to relieve stress and blow things and people up. Many people are upset at their governments, their teachers, their family and friends, and i think gaming does have a place to vent those frustrations. I think its fair to say that violence today is far reduced from where it was a few hundred years ago, especially in cities. If you lived in the 1700-1800's this comment would make much more sense! I mean, can you imagine public hangings happening today?

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In the simplest terms, they are based on violence because that's what's popular. Supply and demand. Whether it's healthy or not is completely down to the individual.

Is there something wrong with people who enjoy violent games? It doesn't seem that way, unless they have other underlying issues already.

We have a competitive nature and all games throughout time involve sort form of competition or challenge, even if it's just challenging yourself to do better each time, beating your best score or time. This competitiveness is likely an evolutionary development which was part of our survival instinct. Fighting has been a competitive sport for as far as we have recorded history and a form of entertainment for the audiences watching.


2 days ago, India bans, PUB-G mobile games. It was nothing to do with the extreme violence in it but because of the some diplomatic and political concern over Indo-China Border. I wish ,Government would have taken such steps earlier to prevent our generation from getting into Aggresive and Violence mode. That true, that most of the video games were violence based causing serious concern for many parents and society.

This week @ecotrain too comes up with this question which must given many people to deep dive. Even though they are aware but never ever thought to think upon it.

There is a huge shift of liking over the period of times, from comedy series of Charlie Chaplin, to cartoon series of Mickey Mouse to Computer games. I thing I have seen the generation to simply avoid to answer this question, which have taken the new generation with storm. Violence and Aggresive are part of these genx that they like to spend maximum time hooking into mobile screen or computer screen.


The questions are simple, but the answers are highly complex as they are subject to the personal criteria of each individual. It is my sincere wish to express my opinion regarding these questions from the most objective point of view possible, although I must confess that I have a high degree of affinity with video games, but at the same time not as much affinity with the category of violent.

The first factor we must consider is the fact that violence of any origin ( reality, fantasy or cartoon ) in video games it has always been synonymous with MONEY for companies, therefore, it would be logical to think that this is not going to change and therefore, the content of new videogames will be equal to or more violent than their predecessors; Few video game companies really think about healthy entertainment for their users, while most only ask this question, what can we do to sell more?


I hope I'm not too late with my entry as this is the last day to participate in @ecotrain's discussion. The question is Why do you think so many computer games are based on extreme violence? Do you think it is healthy or unhealthy?

Why do you think so many computer games are based on extreme violence?

To answer the question I invite you to take a trip with me back in time to see how life was back in those days. Violence has always been part of our life, starting from the beginning, till these days, just in different forms. Bronze age, iron age, medieval times, just to name a few periods but if you want to be honest, there were always fights, battles, wars. People were always living in fear, forced to defend their homes, families, homesteads. I'm not saying it was normal, but it was part of their life.

Kids had to learn how to handle an axe, a knife at a very young age partly to help around the house and with the animals, partly to be prepared to defend themselves. Their life was nothing like the life of our kids nowadays.


This is a great question and one every parent would have thought about before. I must admit I was a gamer when i was younger and mainly played the sporting themed games. As much as I wanted to play the shooting one player games I couldn't as I suffered from vertigo and felt a type of sea sickness after about 30 minutes of playing. trust me if I could I would have played the violent stuff as it is interesting and kind of real in some sense.

Most of the games have some type of story we levels that need to be accomplished so a child can like in a movie get lost in another world. This type of escapism encompasses everything the child is doing at that time and I wouldn't say it is harmful unless you are that type of person.


Why do you think so many computer games are based on extreme violence?

The virtual world is a parallel world to our real day to day life, there are infinities of online games and most of them always contain violence; When we speak of "VIOLENCE" it is a fairly broad term, we can not only say that when a game deals with wars, there are also vehicle games that likewise culminate in persecution and quite strong things such as blows and aggression to another, definitely this it is also violence.

The creators of video games use their strategies for marketing and create variety to capture the attention of users and I really believe that people love to play and it is because playing is synonymous with enjoying, therefore there are many people who dedicate time to enjoy being immersed in a video game where they can do things that in real life they cannot or should not do, such as: speeding and crashing but reviving and also hitting someone without feeling pain, including KILLING and thus they have a greater demand, the higher the demand, the greater their economic income.


First of all, I would like to thank you very much. All of you have paid attention to this and given us the opportunity to talk about the positive and negative consequences of different games. This is a very positive step.

There is no denying that. All over the world, children are playing all kinds of games. Be it computers or today's modern mobiles, everyone is busy playing big and small games.
But the question arises. What are the games that are harming our society? Today we are examining the same situation through these two questions.

I want to answer this question by putting forward the attitudes within the society. What do we value today? What we like today and why. Today we want to conquer each other. Today we open any news channel. The news is nothing but violence. Incidents of violence are in the news all over the world.
This is how game makers are cashing in on people's emotions.
And violent fighting games are gaining popularity in the market. That's why people today want to do what they see in the real world.


Whether it is mobile games or computer games, it is very surprising to see the attraction or addiction of young boys and girls towards it in present time. The question that have been asked in this week's ecoTrain community is really important. I have never thought that why these games are so action-centric. Is there any reason behind this? I am going to discuss my opinion here in this post.

My Opinion

For those of us who are addicted to mobile games, the main reason for their addiction to these games is actually action. If there was no variation, excitement, or loss in the games, then they would not be addicted to the games. What I understand is that one of the games is an action or a challenge is thrown so that people want to win that channel and intoxicated people keep playing this game again and again. It is one of the most important human instincts. People always want to take a hand of others, to win, to take on challenges.


This is my second participation in this community @ecotrain, and the themes that have been developed and those that I have had the opportunity to participate seem incredible to me.

Although this is a somewhat unpleasant topic for me because I do not agree with them, so no more preamble.

The essential problem of the game is that it makes evil to be seen as something normal, we get used to doing harm in a virtual way, familiarizing ourselves with the blood, so when wars do occur, we feel astonishment, unless we are present, of course.

Why do kids play? Children play because parents do not have time to be with them, so the game becomes a hobby in a refuge and if the parents do not offer another alternative, risk occurs in the child.


In the past electronic games

Electronic games began to spread around the world with the beginning of the year 2000, when most gaming platforms appeared at that time, and the Pc devices developed significantly.
Many users entered the world of electronic games and we witnessed many games entering the arena that did not pose any danger to the subject of violence for the following reasons:

  • Most of the games were slow, such as racing games, soccer games, and strategy games. Action and war games were not as widespread as now.
  • Even some of the war games that appeared at that time did not represent violent and harmful scenes to the eye due to the poor graphics of the games at that time, so the pixels were few and whatever, whether blood, gunshots or violence, was not noticed with the quality that might hurt the eye.

As for the social cause, there was a severe censorship of children, not like now. Every child now carries a smart phone with him.


First of all to start with answering this question. I am a person who is completely not in favor of these Computer and Video games.

To answer the Question:
Why are so many computer games based on extreme violence?
These days anything that gives a sense of excitement sells faster then something which is slow paced. We in general have become so used to living in the fast paced world that we want everything around us also to be happening in fast pace. Action packed games means more excitement, the excitement of defeating, conquering, all of this gives some sense of satisfaction and a sense of achievement, which in real life may not be possible for the person. The player almost puts him/her self in the game and plays it as if it is happening in reality, so when they achieve something in the game they feel that achievement in real and want more and more.
This sells very easily so the market for it keeps getting bigger and better. The more action the more fun, is what is believed.


The evolution of gaming hasn't been totally huge per say that is, it hasn't been totally differentiating Back in the days I'd say one of the reasons why the games weren't so full of gore, violence and blood was because technology back then weren't so sophisticated. Now we have VR that makes the action real and addictive and most of the computer games we see currently are 70% based on movies, their storyline and the killings. It's basically logical and I'll explain it; some violent movies and television series that sold quite well are often converted into games and for a person who has seen the film version it's quite appealing to check out how the game will of course look like and this is often one of the appeal that makes people play violent computer games.

Take a look at the walking dead it's storyline has been reprogrammed into so many games and when you look at commando the same has been done as well for many movies, it's like having to be present in a violent movie, being involved in the action yourself and having to experience first hand the bullets and the monster, this is of course another appeal that makes these games popular and sought after.





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Excellent initiative, what a great participation, the question of the week generates a lot of interaction, that without a doubt is something positive for the community. May the successes continue !

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