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RE: PEAKMONSTERS RENTALS 2.0 - A preview with questions for Splinterlands players

in PeakMonsters3 months ago

I currently have close to 600 cards rented via Peakmonsters.

  1. 10000+ (many cards ranging from 1 BCX to max level)
  2. ROI per card,
  3. N/A
  4. N/A
    5a) If there are no longer escrows, what penalties will there be for contract breaks for either party?
    5b) Will there be like rental bids, where renters can suss for market shortages and buy then rent a card instantly?
    5c) Will there be credits integration? If all goes well, there should be many non-crypto users who are playing Splinterlands, thus allowing credit rentals may increase demand dramatically.
    5d) Will this system be integrated onto the main website, or at least allow the peakmonsters platform be more accessible via Splinterlands website? If so, could Peakmonsters integrate email/password login?