D.E.C. Mining Mad Minutes by BoyCharliePlays! Going up on Teacher's Pay Teachers Soon ! Revolutionize Education!

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What's good everybody it's your boy, Charlie!

First off I'm really excited about posting this on Splintertalk the best front end blogging platform to post all about your Splinterland exhibitions and projects. This morning I woke up with a huge itching to get some matches in so I sat down at the desk put on a good show on Hulu and started cracking out some matches. As a reminder, you want to try and use the multipliers to get as many Dark Energy Crystals as possible. But let's get to wh you potentially clicked on this post!

As many of you know I love combining my love of education and gaming. Here at the BoyCharlieFamily Gaming Community, we are trying to revolutionize education folks the boycharlieplays has finally done it. The Dark Energy Crystal Mad Minutes are almost ready for when we get back to afterschool learning. I love including my hobbies in the programs and I just know the kids are going to love Splinterlands and the card game. The best part is School Age Programs or even schools that use these sheets can include the card game during lunchtime at recess. I know many schools offer library time and tablet time for rainy days and special privileges.

This is a preview of what's to come for these worksheets and how they can be used in the classrooms. Students will get one minute to complete the mad minute and walk away with an awesome creature. I started off with the Diamond Dragon because it is truly one of my favs and takes up a good portion of the sheet. I'm going to punch out a couple more of these and get back to you guys with the next designs.

Thank you for reading!

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This is so cool, very nice work!! An upvote is on the way!!

Splinterlands and education? Interesting!

Haha yes theyll be able to unlock the cards and cut them out from the bottom of the page. I did a similar idea with Pokemon in the slot way back when and i still have teachers purchasing on Teachers Pay Teachers.