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Hi everyone! One of the most exciting times in Splinterlands will be pulling a Gold Foil Legendary card! Especially from a daily quest, that's so cool! I have pulled lots of GFL cards from packs using potions but not so many from a daily quest. Those are very special! I had an awesome water quest I finished the day the season ended! My end of the season and 12 packs were nice, nothing special though.....at all, lol! So, this was such a huge surprise to me! Why can't I ever be recording my own GFL pulls though! LOL! I was so excited as I pulled a GFL from it! I did buy the .69 Daily Quest potion (as I always do) as it gives me 5 extra loot chests to open up! It was a fast quest too, probably like 25 minutes or so! I was so excited about the 851 DEC I won in the second row of loot chests, haha! I love the Quest potion and always buy it! That's the easiest money I ever made, LOL! I really can't remember the last time I opened up a GFL from a daily quest! I did pull a GFL Lord A long, long ago after a quest from hell! I love that card, I use Lord A way too much though. I wish you all luck in all of your quests! Make sure to join me tomorrow, January 18th,2021 for Monday Madness, a live event on Twitch for the Novice League tournament at 7:00 PM EST! Join me live for it on Twitch where there will be prizes: https://www./clove71

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I wish you luck in your battles and daily quest loot chests!

I will see you all on the battlefield!

May the Monsters be with you.

Chris Love @clove71
Splinterlands Rep

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What amazing luck yet again. Congrats on another GFL. It sounds like that quest potion really is a good investment. I have not used one in a while but if it gives 5 extra chests each day it maybe worth the investment. Thanks.

Yes! I love all the potions! I understand being frustrated when you pull a common card you paid .69 for (That's my fee usually) it lol! Yet that all evens out or more in the end! I pulled a land plot like a week and a half ago or so, very cool! I missed a lot of days playing mystery potions too! I knew I only loved the special cards, they are all so amazing!

Try some out! I just sent you 2K DEC to try some!

Nice card, congrats Clove.