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Hi everyone!

One of the great things about Splinterlands is the many different ways you can earn crypto! One of them is by creating great Splinterlands content on the HIVE blockchain and receiving upvotes thus, receiving free crypto! Make sure you join the Splinterlands community on the HIVE Blockchain HEREand my 10 Untamed packs giveaway below!

Be sure to check out the many Splinterlands contests on Hive. Follow them on Hive so you do not miss any. There is a Social Media contest in which you can win upvotes HERE. There are new ones posted every week so keep on the look-out for new ones each week! There is also a battle challenge contest where you can win upvotes HERE, as well as an Art contest HERE Join them all today and start earning and powering up on HIVE!

In the spotlight today is @bittrio for completing 2 years of making awesome Splinterlands content every day on Youtube! Congrats to you! 5 Untamed packs have been sent to you! You can view another awesome Splinterlands video by my favorite player and streamer @bittrio HERE Then come back in the comments below and let me know you showed him some Monster love and you will be eligible for the Untamed pack giveaway! 10 random people will win 1 Untamed pack each in the comments below!

Below are the posts I have manually curated over the past week+ on the HIVE blockchain! There are only 4 days left until the end of the season is here! I will see you all on the battlefield!

These are the last week of my available HIVE upvotes for Splinterlands. Please show some Monster love and support to the following awesome Splinterlands content Creators below:

The great @suprememagus talks about Collection Power HERE

A great video about the renting cards in 2020 by @nealmcspadden HERE

Catch one of @kennethbosak live streams HERE!

Don't miss a Monster Maverick show by the great @nealmcspadden HERE

There is a new Splinterlands player @suprememagus Please welcome him HERE

Great season rewards from @robinsonr810 HERE

A great video by @bittrio HERE

This is another great video by @cryptofiloz HERE

Check out an original number 1 player @bji1203 and tournaments HERE!

A great weekly tournament report by the great #1 player @jacekw HERE

Check out the rentals with @xabi HERE

A great battle by @diego1306 HERE

Check out a great legendary pull by @jeffjagoe HERE

Check out a great Splinterlands 3Speak video by @drazeus HERE

A great battle by @bil.prag HERE

When you see these Fire Splinter gifs on your post then you know I have been there with an upvote from SM/Splinterlands!

  • Check out all their features like the packs and rewards analyzer HERE.

  • View rewards cards going out of print by the great @kiokizz HERE and please show him some Monster love on his recent Splinterlands posts!

  • Want to view Splinterlands stats? Check out @rafalski and his awesome Splinterlands stats HERE and make sure to show some Monster love on his recent Splinterlands post!

  • Want to rent Splinterlands cards for cheap? Check out @peakmonsters today HERE and all of their extra features!

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I wish you luck in your battles and daily quest loot chests!

I will see you all on the battlefield!

May the Monsters be with you.

Chris Love @clove71

Splinterlands Rep

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Yes I showed him some monster love😂. Am i eligible now :P

Yes, you are! Good luck!

Well I like his way of commentary during the battle lol. Monster Love shown, I suppose ;) btw that is a long time creating contents for one of his fav game SL.

Yes, he is awesome to listen to and watch, love it! You've won an untamed pack! Winner #3!

Thank you very much :)

I showed some love


Thanks for highlighting good content creators for Splinterlands.



2 years making content is a big milestone achivement. I followed him.

You are winner #6! An Untamed pack has been sent to you!

Awesome!! Good luck to you!

Battle shout was sent to Bittrio.
Happy to see so many people cheering for him, great community!

🥵😍 I love splinterlands 🤩💪 you are my game teacher @clove71 I follow all your contents don't stop such wonderful work

You are winner #2! An Untamed pack has been sent to you!

Congratulations @bittrio on your two years and great contribution to the community😁

You are winner #8! An Untamed pack has been sent to you!

Thanks @clove71 :)

Thank you Chris for bringing us closer together! you rock!

Its an honer to get Splinterlands quest manually qurated by you, @clove71.
Thanks for the monsters love!!!

I am sharing some monster love with others too.

Congrats! You won an Untamed pack!

Wao. Thanks. May I pull a legendary.

Love showed....am I eligible😓

Yes, good luck to you!

Winner #9! An Untamed pack has been sent to you!

thanks mama

Bitrio has nice posts... congrats

Yes! His videos are great for people trying to learn to play better! 2 years is long!!

Good luck to you!

i will give love to a monster

Awesome! Good luck to you!

I liked very much the video of the information about the rent, I don't know much about it, I already gave him love as you say

Great!! Good luck!!

I dropped 2 comments for him! Monster love spread successfully! ⚡️

Great! His videos are so great, I listen and watch in between battles of my own, lol!! Good luck!

You are winner #10 congrats!

Splinterlands and hive continues to grow. Congratulations to @bittrio and all the users.
Greetings Clove.

Hi! Winner #5! An Untamed pack has been sent to you!

Thanks Clove =).

Two years are not a small thing, I have also been playing for two years now and I still feel the same love for the game :)

Yes! It is a long time to make Splinterlands videos every day too, congrats to you for playing this for 2 years!

Sent him some monster love for the great content and his enthusiasm.

Awesome!! Good luck!!

You are winner #1! An Untamed pack has been sent to you! 9 more packs to go!

I think I got here very late.. but I can't leave without saying this is a great post, too much useful information and you share with us great people making awesome content. Let's keep making our Community a great place to be. It's me, royero000

i follow most of these content creators and some of the topics i still go back to for reference. these creators are an integral part of the community. Keep it up! the most i can do is upvote you guys. im sorry


Thank you @clove71 - I wasn't aware of his channel! I watched a few of his videos - very fun!

thank you for doing all of this and conecting the community! you are a great win for SL. so i showed @bittrio some love and will upvote some of his future post aswell

what a nice guy! (and lively too) 😄. Upvoted

what a nice guy! (and lively too) 😄. Upvoted

2 years is a long time.Thats some real commitment. Subscribed.

The Frost Lion is epic

I am new by this means I hope to have the opportunity to win some pack, Splinterlans name is @lhannah, thanks for the opportunity

Went and showed some monster love. Thank you clove71 for finding people who make such great posts and rewarding them! It really helps build up such a good community.

Winner #4! An Untamed pack has been sent!