Summary of the Splinterlands AMA July 24th 2020

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Summary for the 30-minutes AMA session

  • New promo-edition booster pack is coming this August[*], finally replacing orbs.
  • Guild wars update is going to be released in August or September.
  • During guild wars, the guild can accumulate points that can be spent to upgrade guild buildings on the last few levels. Those are the only building levels where DEC cannot be spent to upgrade.
  • The 1st step of the collection score should be just after that[*], but it won't have any utility at first except showing a little power bar in the collection screen. It will get entangled with other systems over time.
  • The Lands update is a few months away but it's still landing this year. A shop update with many items will also be available near-simultaneously.
  • Booster pack sales are scheduled to happen ideally every 3 months or so. There will be a new one in either the end of July or August[*].
  • There are no plans for multi-splinter monsters at this time.
  • Matt says 60% of all active accounts are played by humans.
  • Boss fights updates might happen around the same time as lands.
  • Champion points will at some point be linked to achievements, but they are just for aesthetics.

Parts of the text marked with [*] represent an interpretation. There was no specific timing mentioned for it during the AMA session, but this seems accurate according to the conversation's context.

If you still want to watch the AMA session, below is the link to the official source:


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