2 Years Later...I Finally Understand The Excitement!

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Ever feel like....There's an awesome party going on...And you've been invited but you don't think it's your 'scene'?

So you stay home and then end up missing the most epic party of the century?

Yeah I'm an idiot....

That's how I felt about @splinterlands

This is my first 'attempt' at playing the game over the past few days and WOW, I think I may be hooked :)

I made it to Gold 1 in my league and shared some packs that I opened today as well.

So much fun!

I have absolutely fallen in love with this game!

Too bad I didn't go to the party a few years ago....

Note: This post's beneficiary will be @hivetrending for REALLY pushing us this past week....You've got a lot of us hooked man, appreciated :) lol Every post I share 25% of the author rewards with CTP Tribe members because they are AWESOME and some of the best people you'll meet on the blockchain!

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Am I the only guy in Hive still on the outside looking in? Oh, man. The humanity of it all.

You know my normal financial advice? Don't do what I do. I went after Drug Wars and left Splinterlands alone. How did I do?

Sigh. Just think of all the time I'll save...

ha ha ha Man I feel the pain.

Drug Wars had all the potential in the world but crashed and burned. But this is run by guys that know what they are doing.

And they are making a killing off it, so you know it's in their best interest to keep improving :)

hehe took me awhile also. welcome :)

lol thanks man, yeah it was confusing until I understood the numbers...After that, the addiction set in LOL


Can't believe that you made a Splinterlands video... I already see it... SteemSavvy rebranded to SplinterlandsSavvy!!! 🤣

Nerd ALERT!!! Nerd ALERT!!! Nerd ALERT!!!

ha ha ha we'll see....i was just happy to get to Gold league...Now the challenge to Diamond

Hah .... thanks for the shout out. I didn't mean to start a chain reaction. I just saw Eliana playing and wanted to help her out.

ha ha ha Yeah man, glad you did...Finally in it now!

I've watched your video on lbry this morning and I really liked your enthusiasm :-). I believe that once you get how everything works, it's quite an addictive game.

P.S: Thanks a lot for the Shout out for my Splinterlands Academy ;-)

Yeah I'm going to be sharing the Splinterlands and Hive message to LBRY now...Waste of my time doing unique videos for LBRY when I get zero engagement...Need to focus at home here :)

The engagement doesn't really work on lbry. Since you don't get any notification when you get comments it's a bit a dead end. You almost have to revist your own posts to leave comments... I don't do it ...lol

The struggle is real!
Goodbye social life! Goodbye online business!
Cheers for the next season ;)

Yeah it's over....I've come to the acceptance of it!

Welcome... back, Jon! Splinterlands is definitely huge and it can't be easy to be and remain the most popular game in crypto land with almost no marketing (yet).

That's what is so remarkable!

All the hype abd excitement, by the community!

I need to figure this damn game out!!

Trust me...As some one who SLACKED....It's worth figuring it out!

Lol, you could have had such an advantage over guys like @ph1102. But he, you were building a business and he sort of lives on hive, so you’re excused. Now just have fun and share your progress.

I would love playing this game..., a bit too much I’m afraid. So I won’t. Been addicted to hearthstone before and I would love a similar game that actually makes me money, but I shouldn’t if I want to continue making the right choices. I’m married and about to become a father really soon, so I need to have my priorities in order.

But I know for sure that some people will absolutely love to hear you talk about this game. There are far too many good players already, who very often aren’t fun to watch.

But people love watching someone who has enthusiasm, laughs a lot and just simply has fun.

That's what got me focused on building businesses and looking for ways to make money online....Becoming a father...Three times over now ;)

Gotta have fun or else what's the point of doing all this :)

Finally, welcome to Splinterlands. Here, take a bunch of SPT and start your journey into Splintertalk, the community token of the game.

Wow, thank you very much...That is awesome!!

I know I should too give it a whirl. I just may do that

It's a ton of fun...But there is a big learning curve!

I’m glad you are in. Good luck next season.

Watch out. Once you start building your deck it’s hard to stop!

I can't believe it took me this long...LOL

You are too funny! I enjoyed watching your video & enthusiasm, despite my groaning about it in the Discord room ha ha.

SL is a lot of fun to play, but I am not near anywhere you guys are. I am not as sucked in but probably because I don't have that "gamer" mentality. A lot of it makes no sense to me & I lose a LOT. So, usually it results in me wanting to throw the laptop out the window! *But, with that being said, I always end up going back to try again ha ha. *

Great cards & I think you did get some winners. :) Have fun with it :)

lol oh it's a crazy rabbit hole for sure....but i'm enjoying the journey. it hasn't taken over my life....yet.

If you get your wife involved, oh Heaven help you!! You will both be addicted ha ha ha. 🤣

Oh I'm still trying to get her to post once a year....

Right @thedaolson ?????

🤣😂🤣😂 let' see if that works!! HA HA

I always say if you just started on splinterlands, IT'S AMAZING. But if you've been with it since day 1, it can be very disappointing at times with the rewards. Keep the excitement going, Jongo!

Oh I can see how you can spend a bunch of time and money on it and not get those juicy cards....Do you spend HIVE on it? Or just play for rewards?

I started playing again at the right time when a few big players were selling all their collection and DEC price was really low. So I bought splinterlands "credits" using your best friend paypal and bought up a lot of maxxed cards.

Now I'm currently renting out my cards and not battling anymore for a while. The hours I would spend playing the game to only get 5 cents worth of rewards wasn't worth it for me. I will say it's much more fun at lower levels than champion. It is pay to win unfortunately.

I mean, you get the cards and who knows what this stuff will be worth in a few years from now....Accumulation mode!!!!!

Yes, let's take it to discord haha

Jon another game what a shock lol hope you are having fun

Loving it!

But then again, I'm only on like day 4 of actually digging in lol

YES!!! I love your video! Welcome to the great land of Splinterlands!!!! I am so happy you are here, I share your enthusiasm and newfound obsession for Splinterlands and it's awesome you are back playing! You got some great cards there! Right under the number sign, there is an arrow you can open all at once if you like. I always use the legendary and Alchemy potions on any pack I open! An upvote is on the way from Splinterlands! Make sure to check out the Splinterlands Discord sometime! https://discord.gg/G2RtTSj

So awesome, thank you very much!

Yeah those potions are absolutely brilliant. Great way to burn DEC, love it!

I'll pop by for sure, still trying to learn it all but so far the adventure has been a blast!

This is such a great Splinterlands video! See you at the Splinterlands! ~@clove71

Thank you so much!

And Yodin in the gif...Love it!!

Lots of cheap cards on the market for idiots to buy as the smart players do a mass exodus.

better late than never Jon! Welcome to the game. Great time to start right around Dice Release. Time to buy some cards, eh? :)

Appreciated :)

Yeah a little slow but wow, what a fun experience.

I've been buying a few packs here and there over the years but now I think it's time to spice it up :)