Contest – Choose your theme and win 500 DEC! #3

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Welcome to the third edition of my new contest!

To participate you only need to reply with a comment saying which subject about Splinterlands you would like to read an article.


The winner theme by lottery will win 500 DEC and I will make a post on this subject. In addition to the prize, you can read about your choice.


The participation window is 3 days. Only 1 comment per person. To choose the winner I will use the Random Winner Picker tool.

It is not necessary upvote, share, or follow me, but it will be appreciated and will help me to increase the prizes.


In addition to this current edition, all themes that were not drawn will continue to compete in a raffle once a month.

This means that the more you participate, the more chances you have to win!

The winner of 500 DEC from the last bonus draw was @jacekw with the theme:

"Cards that became much stronger because of updates / introducing new cards / introducing new rulesets."

And that gave rise to a series of posts:

Old cards, new life... #2

The Splinterlands History – Old cards, new life... #1

Note: If the same person repeats in the current edition an identical or very similar theme to another one he has already chosen in a previous edition, then this theme will have only 1 entry in the next bonus round.

Thank you for your participation and good luck!

Join the fun now: Sign up here.

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Game strategies would be a good one to write about, especially for new beginners like me.

How about a round up of the most used/unsused cards in each Splinter? Thanks for the contest!

A post for new players on how can one trade cards smartly to grow their account. Like which cards to bug and in what order. It took me 2 years or so to build a deck for champion league. I'm sure it would be much easier and faster if I were guided well.
Even if I'm a 2 year old player I don't own a lord A. That's the biggest regret I have.

What about: buying cards vs renting cards. Wich one is better?

How to play the 99 mana match using only untamed cards. 😅 Need it Specially for the tourneys.

New players should be getting best cards in the daily quest, helping them to build up their monster and splinter cards..

I would like to read some posts about how entry level cards that are a great value given their DEC cost.