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I'm a still a new player and does not own many cards especially Electric Eel, in order to participate on this challenge I would have to rent it in the shop and or peakmonsters. I could talk about other cards that I use but where is the fun on that. As a newbie I need to try new things to improve and be better to climb up the ranks. By the way the new shop renting is awesome. It gives chance to new players like me to try out new cards and compete in the higher ranks.


I rented Electic Eel for 7 days for the low low price of 0.7 DEC to try it out and see its full potential. I think this price is reasonable especially for players that are new and still experimenting. Based on the price you can see it just level 1.


Based on the lore, eels are delicious and delectable. I don't know if this is real in the real life, I haven't tasted or eaten eels. Ok, lets talk about the lore of the electric eels. So in the archipelago of AZMARE, the inhabitants there called Uman and based on them eels are excellent food source. But electric eels in the other hand is different. Electric eels are deadly and powerful that when the people of AZMARE hunt for food they need to be careful if the eels that they are hunting is an ordinary eel or an electric eel. In the tournament of splinterlands, electric eels work as a group to fend of their foes and win some battles. As they said, there is no I in TEAM and the electric eels is the living proof that this is true.



I only rented the level 1 'Electric Eels' so the only ability my card has is the Reach ability, but in level 5 'Electric Eels' will get the ability Blast.

Melee attack Monsters with the Reach ability may attack from the second position on the team.

Does additional damage to Monsters adjacent to the target Monster. Additional damage is equivalent to main damage/2 rounded up. Snipe works well with this ability.


There is not a lot of strategy you can do with the Electric Eels. You must put it in the second slot or behind the tank to deal some damage. It can do damage because it has the reach ability that let monster attack 1 slot behind the tanks. It also depend on the match rule set. If the rule set let melee attack anywhere you can put electric eels anywhere. I personally wouldn't use this card because water splinter mainly uses magic. Maybe I'll use it for some unique rule that wouldn't let me use magic.


Battle and Lineup

1st game


Battle Link:


I used Alric Stormbringer for this game. His ability that give +1 magic damage is amazing and win me a ton of battles. Alric let me get to Gold from Novice using rented cards and mostly magic lineups.


I used the Kraken as my tank. It's high health, have armor, and a ton of damage to deal to other monsters. It also have the taunt ability that makes the enemies attack it first and ignore other monsters behind it.
This is the challenge, the Electric Eels that I used as my secondary tank. It give a little bit of damage because it has the reach ability that let it attack in the second slot of your lineup.
I used the Sea Genie as a damage dealer. It also has the flight ability that let attack miss him. I don't now the math of it but if you use it there is a chance that it will miss. Flying monster also is good for earthquake rule set letting it invulnerable to earthquake.
Captain Ghost is also my damage dealer. It has the ability Affliction that any makes your enemy unable to heal. I picked him as a damage dealer and a counter measure of the enemy decided to have a healer.
Phantom of the Abyss is my favorite card. Sadly, I don't own any but this card is literally one of the best. In deals a lot of damage and also its ability is amazing. It has the Flight and Dodge ability making it invulnerable if you are lucky enough. This card is cannot be hit in the right circumstances.
Axemaster also a great card. It deals a ton of damage because of its ability double strike. This card sometimes melts its enemies and sometimes one shooting them. It's double strike can sometimes be clutch and can win you games.


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The Electric Eels is somewhat a good card. It can tank some damage and deal a little damage. I don't see me using it very often because my main strategy on Alric is full magic damage and 1 tank preferably a Kraken to tank while dealing massive damage. I also throw a healer if I'm not confident enough to the match up. I like the design of electricity, the blue make it pop and it is awesome. Maybe if I got more experience in the game I can see its value but now I wouldn't use it often.

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