RE: Splinterlands Hosted Dygycon 3 Did You Get SWAG?

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Congrats AlmightyMelon :/ So close, lol.

I had kind of a bad Saturday, and only got like 10 minutes to log into DygyCon and run around trying to find free Swag. I was really hoping to get to spend longer at the event.

Yea, the cryptocurrency price dip is also kind of a pain. I ended up shifting most of my WAX into Splinterlands land claims instead. I'm hoping that will be a good long term investment, and people were selling them for only like $14-16 :/

Curious to see Hidden Gems... first I've heard about it and so far most WAX "games" haven't really had much of a game to them. Also didn't know that you could burn some of those shirts to get real shirts! Anyhow, thanks for the info!