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What is NewBoost?

New players jump into Splinterlands and the first thing they want to know is how much they can 'earn'. When they get their first win and the DEC is a bit underwhelming they might get discouraged. But as we all know that's only temporary. All you got to do is stick it out and before you know it you'll be in the mix; having fun and unlocking more and more deck and DEC potential.

What if we players could all band together and make this awkward introductory phase something that we could all enjoy? Let me introduce... NewBoost! The fun way to give newbs a boost.

How does NewBoost Work?

Veterans and Guild Leaders keep an eye out for new players that are making an honest effort to dive into the vast Splinterlands. Players that show a legitimate interest in participating in tournaments, guilds and the community at large would be ideal candidates. There is some nuance that we'll have to figure out in the way we select our potential target for a NewBoost. We'll work out those details in due time.

Once a player is selected, either randomly in a pool or buy a guild vote, there is an event put on the calendar.

For example... Friday, January 29th at 9:00 CST we collectively play Splinterlands for the next hour. For that next hour everyone keeps a tally of their DEC earnings. Then at the conclusion of the hour we pool all our winnings together and send them over to the New player.

Will NewBoost Work?

It will work if we as a community can get together and give a little and play a little. That's all. As a community there are things we can do to improve OUR game. We've already seen some amazing new tournaments for newer players. I even started a wiki awhile back intending to be a guide for newbs. Maybe one of these days I'll finish the dang thing. But that gets to the heart of how this all works. It will work if we do the work. And if we all do the work... we all will benefit.

Who's In?

Now all we have to do is get people to support the idea and iron out the details. I posed the idea to my guild an hour ago and I've already received 3 confirmed "I'll do it." and one feline snide comment. (You know who you are.) :)

So no need to rush things... Let's just start with finding NewBoosters. If you are interested in helping grow the Splinterlands userbase and giving our newer players a weekly event to look forward to just drop you Splinterlands username in the comments below.

When are we NewBoosting?

Let's try to have our first event in a weeks time.


I'll try to reach out to some people smarter than me to figure out the best time. If you have a recommendation drop it in the comments. (no promises)

Keep this post bookmarked for updates. Check back on Thursday the 4th for final details.

Honestly we don't really need a set time. But I'd like to turn this into an event. I'll be putting on a livestream at the same time.

Who are we Boosting?

Nominations are open to decide who we boost. Drop your vote it in the comments. Keep an eye out in the leaderboards and Discord. Also if you are a new player reading this introduce yourself and throw your name in the ring. I will be adding 10000 DEC and a WAX NFT to the initial Boost in hopes that it will generate some added interest. The choosing of a name from the pool will be random and it will be part of the livestream for the event.

Any Questions?

This is a half baked idea but I think it might just be a really cool thing. If you have any ideas on how to improve drop a comment. Hopefully this can turn into something that will have enough momentum where there isn't a ton of planning needed. I'd love to see it get the support of the community as a whole in the same way my Friday Night Magic hangouts used to bring me such joy.

New Players in the Pool So Far 1/29/21



If you want to play Splinterlands for an hour and give you DEC winnings to a new player starting out drop your Splinterland's username in the comments. Were gonna do the drop next Friday. If you have someone you want to nominate add their username to your comment as well.


I like the concept. DEC is essentially free money, so we'd be donating our time, en masse; to a single newcomer.
Not sure on the nuts and bolts, but I like the idea. In general, we need to make it clearer that DEC earnings are exponential, based on rating points.
It's too easy for somebody earning 0.004 DEC per win to look at a 50 DEC reward card, and decide it's not worth continuing.

I'm in!!! I challenge the other guild leaders to do the same!!! Great idea!!!

I am officially nominating @x1ke , @gospelninja and @YouLoseAgain(@youloseagain)to be in the drawing for the very first NewBoost event that I am putting together. Good Luck.


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Sweet! Thanks!

Please include @elclements in the list is very good new player...

Woah thanks man!

I'm in as well, not sure how you will vet the players and I would give a portion to everyone on the list and give the highest percentage to the one drawn. Maybe 50% to the name drawn and the others split the other 50%, something like that.

Great idea!!!

Just started playing about 2 weeks ago and would love to be a part of this! I'm in for the newboost If possible and would love to help out newer players as well!

Pretty dayum amazing!

I want to join, but I have some practical problems doing so.
I left a reply in TP Discord


hmmm, maybe I'm doing it wrong, or it doesn't work anymore 😂

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That's a cool idea! Not sure I can participate at the specified time, but might be able to contribute something anyway.

This is very awesome...As a noob myself I've getting huge help from the community and now we can create a community for noobs, I believe that roles could help. For example once someone is out of the noob stage he7she can help others.


Wow :) It is awesome idea and for it is awesomely awesome because I am in the new player list 😃

Have a nice day!

You can't really know if the players - real people, or something of the bot farm.
Some of the coders could cloaking them very well.

So, I think, you need to have the test for them: some proofs/actions of the real people are playing
somewhere like introducive hive post, or activeness in the messenger/ guild chats, etc.

Confucius said:
Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day;
teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

I am in, it is at 3am in Europe, but will contribute an hour of my time somewhere before that time.