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Splinterlands | 20 Untamed Pack Opening! {2nd Pack Opening}

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Here's the blog for my first every card pack opening: https://peakd.com/hive-140217/@wolven-znz/my-first-every-splinterlands-card-pack-opening

I'm still super rust when it comes to making videos so bear with us ^_^ But here is my 2nd Splinterlands card pack opening and the first one caught on video. Tried using some of the potion this time around to see if I could bag any Legendary or Gold Foil cards. I'm still new to the game so please by all means let me know if this was a decent haul.

If there are any other videos you'd like to see of games, crypto or not then feel free to leave a suggestion! I've seen other games based on the #Hive blockchain which I may take a look at. Let me know!


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