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Hello community #HIVE!!!😘

Hello dear friends I hope you are very well ..

Hola queridos amigos espero que estén muy bien ..

in the morning today I am going to present you a fan art of splinterlands it is a letter a little terrifying and monstrous ..

en la mañana de hoy les voy a presentar un fan art de splinterlands es una carta un poco aterradora y monstruosa ..

At the time I was creating the sketch, some details I must confess that they cost me a bit.

En el momento en que estaba creando el boceto, algunos detalles debo confesar que me costaron un poco.

At the time of coloring, take all the details with caution so that that way the creation in general would look good, I hope you like it ..!

A la hora de colorear, toma todos los detalles con precaución para que así se vea bien la creación en general, espero que os guste ..!







¡CAREFULLY: @SweetMonsters, with much love and sweetness, see you in my next post!.

Edition: Photoshop



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Nice art work. Thanks for sharing.

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@tipu curate

A very nice work, please continue and we want more monster-art work from you.

Thank you darling, I'm glad you liked it there .. I'll keep creating more monsters

Thanks for sharing! - @marianaemilia

Me encantó su estilo y me di cuenta de que este aterrador minotauro se volvía más dulce y femenino a través de sus trazos.

I'm very glad that you liked it there, and if it has a little touch of sweetness hahaha