Hatching Rexxie thru Autocad - Entry for Splinterlands Art Contest!

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My Entry for Splinterlands Art Contest, with video as a guide.

I made several attempts of submitting my entry for this contest, but all them ended up on my trash bin. Until I got this idea of using basic tools in Autocad to draw monsters of splinterlands. It was a test of patience, an idea that will kill most of your time because Autocad is not built to create non-rigid 2D drawings. Thankfully, I was able to make it in an uncomplicated way.

I chose Rexxie the T-Rex as my subject because he's just pretty simple to recreate, no more lines to trace and has lesser color palettes than other monsters. I don't have much tracing to do as my initial plus, I only select enough lines just to emphasize the image.

The burden came through in adding colors. But I didn't stress myself for this. As you can see, the variation of colors is closely same to the reference image.

Process in pictures:

Trace, Trim, and Hatch only

Splinterlands Art Contest

Submit your entry if you're interested. Booster packs are up for the winners!

Thank you for dropping by!

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