Contest guess a Splinterlands gaming results and win $0.1 in BCH or 125 DEC + PREVIOUS RESULTS

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This contest includes guessing some things about my gaming results.
Live preview:
When page says contest available and game pending, that means there is another contest somewhere in my profile.
Previous battle results are visible in chart.
Results refresh when changed.
I start playing when I close contest on Rebrandly link and under my contest post.
I play until capture rate drops under 75%.

Contest questions are.

  1. Which set will make me more DEC (money) ; fire, water, nature, life, death or dragon ( you may choose just one)?
  2. How many DEC will I approximately earn?


I pay directly from BCH wallet so you will need to leave me your BCH address. If you do not have it, either make one or I will send you DEC instead.

An each time I will post what you can get.

This rewards are suppose to be daily, so expecting big rewards, at least for now is unrealistic.

Proof of payment will be under a winning comment/s.

Results of the previous contest

Contest bidding was closed on w/ 5 participants on noisecash, memocash and leofinance,no participants on blurt and whaleshares

Bids were ( sets/ DEC)
mrki444 ( noisecash) dragon 15
chrismgm ( memocash) fire 1122
eirik (leofinance) water 400
haikalfahmi ( leofinance) dragon 55
gregory-f ( leofinance) water 210

Results of gameplay:

Set reward includes any possible rewards from quests too.

Winners are Chrismgm memocash for guessing set correctly and haikalfahmi leofinance for the closes guess about earnings.
An each will get a reward in a way they prefer.

A few videos from today's gaming session

Submit your guestimation in comments.


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You need to have 1000 ENGAGE, in order to use this service.

Contest closed w/ 0 participants.
Follow game results at:

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