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RE: Earn Crypto tokens for playing games on Hive Blockchain

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Nice, this showcases how robust Hive is as a protocol than the social media Blockchain people make it out to be. I don't play any other games on here besides Splinterlands and ive always loved their business model plus the game is fun too. I call up my friends at any time of the day and challenge them to a fight, sometimes we even bet on the winner lol...

Maybe later I will give others a try, Splinterlands for me is just a handful already.

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Yes, I agree splinterlands is definitely a handful but there are also other games like dCity that wouldn't consume any time from you. Just invest and sit back and relax to earn passive income.

The other games like Rising Star and Cryptobrewmaster are also not highly time-consuming.

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I love the sound of Dcity when you put it like that...I will check it out. Thanks

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